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As two expats living in Singapore, often times we crave comforts from home - be it pizzas, bagels, fun nights out, Saturday brunches, a great happy hour at Singapore's great rooftop bars and more. As a result, we have combed Singapore from top to bottom to find out where to go for all this good stuff as well as what to check out in our new home city.  

Urban Journey is your ultimate guide for what to do and where to go in Singapore. Here you’ll find our TOP 50 list in Restaurants, Bars & Nightlife and Cafes & Brunches. We also give you a taste of some events going on around town and leisurely ideas for weekends. We do each review independently and anonymously, and if we have a great experience we’ll add it to one of our evergreen lists of top picks - that way you know you’re getting only the real deal. Plus we’re constantly adding new spots, so there is always something new to check out. If we find something new that we've enjoyed, and tried once, you'll most likely find that on our New Finds on our homepage. Once we go back and have a few pleasant visits, we may just add it to our TOP 50 lists.

We also release print magazines which features our Top 10s of the moment. Check out our latest issue - What's Hot in Singapore 7 - which was released in May 2017

We hope that our reviews will inspire you to get out there and discover some of the best that Singapore has to offer, as well as some amazing spots in other cities around Asia. Is there something you’d like to see or a hot spot you think we’re missing? If so, please feel free to drop us a line anytime at editor@urbanjourney.com.

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