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The Mad Men Attic Bar

BOAT QUAY - If the name conjures up images of suited-up men slinging back scotches and seducing well-heeled women in a swank space, you’re a bit far off the mark. The Mad Men Attic Bar is more like a laid-back underground hangout, except it is very much above ground. Located on the rooftop of a shophouse on North Canal Road, the space features graffiti on the walls, easy going drinks and food, and live bands every night of the week. If you’re looking for a chilled al fresco space in the CBD to knock back a few after-work drinks and hear some great tunes, Mad Men’s ticks all the right boxes.


Why you should come here:

There aren’t many rooftop bars in Singapore where you can come as you are without having to dress to the nines or throw down a mint on pricey food and drinks. The vibe here is casual and cool just like the patrons, the drinks are very reasonably priced, and the live bands and DJs really get the crowds moving. And it doesn’t hurt that you can soak up views of the surrounding CBD skyscrapers while you kick back with a beer or two.


What we love:

The live bands and cheap drinks bring in a pretty solid crew, so the atmosphere is buzzy and there are always interesting people to chat to or have a dance with. For drinks you can go simple with beers or house pours, or take it to the next level with top-shelf whiskies or signature cocktails. And if you’re feeling like you need something to soak up the booze, they’ve got great bar bites like the Truffle Fries, Miso Butter Prawns and Chilli Cheese Dog.


UJ Tidbit:

The open-air rooftop setting means that it can get pretty hot here during the late afternoon, so it’s better to go after the sun goes down. Plus, that’s when the parties really get started.



Beers start at $12 and most cocktails are under $20.



Where: 11 North Canal Road #03-02, Singapore 048824

Hours: Mon - Thurs: 5pm - 1am, Fri - Sat: 5pm - 3am

Tel: +65 9822 1789


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