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One Wellness Fitness Club


We all have our reasons for exercising – whether it’s losing weight, de-stressing or simply because of that feel-good adrenaline rush.


One Wellness Fitness Club understands this and caters to all your fitness needs, conducting exciting group classes, one-on-one personal training and more!


With classes that teach you yoga and deep relaxation techniques, it’s easy to be healthy and happy.


It took 12 months, 8 yoga schools and countless classes - but recently wei finally found the perfect place for my yoga practice.  


To us, One Wellness beat out everything else we've tried in Singapore - the big schools, boutiques, hot classes, hotter classes, small and big groups - mainly because of one thing: their staff.


The teachers at One Wellness are some of the best we've practiced with, and that includes all the schools we've tried in New York City and across India.  


Aside from their deep knowledge of yoga and it's impact on the mind and body, what impressed me most is how much they care that each student is doing their practice right.  Their in-class instruction is amazing, and without it we would definitely be doing half our poses wrong!  


Yoga is certainly a difficult challenge and for us an uphill climb, but with the help of Dev, Monika and Shivangi it has never felt like we were facing this battle alone. :)


See you on the mat.



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