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17 Feb, The Lost Boys with Fat Fish (Roco & Orio) + Just Mack

The Lost Boys with Fat Fish (Roco & Orio) + JustMack

Orio and Rocco began their musical journey together in 2001, growing up in the small and electrifying city of Jerusalem; kick starting their passion for music inspired by the masters of hip hop and its diverse culture. Orio’s touch with lyricism and innate connection with music andRocco’s savvy technological talents, together with their knowledge and infatuation of music made for a unique dynamic duo. 

Through the years of continuously sharing a rich and magnetic energy by educating their crowds with feel-good vibes and interesting combinations of sound including funk, disco, tribe & jungle, dub, house, and techno they came to realize their love for sharing music around the world.


When: 17 Feb 2018

Where: Kilo Lounge

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