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ROBERTSON QUAY - If tucking into a big ol’ plate of ribs and a few beers with your bros (or girl-bros) is your kind of jam, then Decker Barbecue is probably your kind of joint. This Robertson Quay temple of all things meaty and delicious is a collaboration between Min Chan of Club Street Social and the guys behind Smokehouse BBQ in Bali so you can expect to find the same sort of Texas-style barbecue meats like beef brisket, spare ribs, pulled pork and more.


Why you should come here:

It’s perfect for an easy weekend meal when you don’t have many plans after. We spent about $50 per person but this can vary depending on how much you order. Everything is easy and casual here as you simply head up to the counter, place your order and the staff will pile your plate high with their tender juicy meats, cooked the night before over various types of wood chips in their custom-built smoker. The meats are priced per 100 grams so you can go as big as you like and there is also a range of tempting sides, sandwiches, desserts and craft beers to choose from. If you’re really hungry or sharing, go for their deal where you get three meats and two sides for $76.

We went for the Pulled Pork ($10 per 100g), Brisket ($16 per 100g) and the Chopped Beef ($15), all of which were savoury, seasoned to perfection and smattered with their slightly sweet and just a tad spicy barbecue sauce. For sides, the Kale Salad ($9) was a lighter addition to the plate, but still smothered in a creamy parmesan dressing, and the Mac & Cheese ($9) was rich and cheesy. The Fries ($7) were also surprisingly delicious.


What we love

…that there’s a place for simple, casual, good grub in Robertson Quay. And, even though the food is cooked in advance, the quality is still awesome. Plus, the fact that there is no cooking time going on when it comes to service is pretty sweet and adds to the casual and easy vibe of the restaurant.


UJ Tidbit:

Go with a group if you can, so you can order a bit of everything and share.



About $50 per person with beers.


Where: 60 Robertson Quay, Singapore 238252

Hours: Tues - Sun: 6pm - 10pm

Tel: +65 6635 8565

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Instagram: @deckerbarbecue


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