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CITY HALL - Award-winning pastry chef Janice Wong is best known for her whimsical sweets like chocolate balloons and kites, marshmallow paintings and chocolate paint in a huge range of colours and flavours, as well as the imaginative desserts she creates at 2am: dessert bar. Her newest venture is her flagship sweets boutique at the National Museum of Singapore, which also houses a 40-seater restaurant featuring modern Chinese dishes created in collaboration with Chef Ma Jian Juan.


Why you should come here:

The dining room is bright and modern with grey and white walls and colourful art installations that reference Janice’s edible art. The savoury dishes are also vivid and creative with a focus on dim sum offerings that break the mold of your traditional dumplings and congee. Sure, those are on offer but what you get is a kaleidoscope of colours and unique flavour combinations in every dish.


What we love:

It may seem slightly bizarre to open a dim sum basket and see bright red, yellow and purple siew mai and xiao long bao staring back at you, but that’s all part of the fun. And it’s not just all about the aesthetics. There are some seriously good flavours going on in there. Take for example the Mini Pots, which are technicolour siew mai filled with portobello rosemary, shrimp or scallops and topped with caviar, or the Whimsical Buns filled with custardy salted egg yolk, braised veal or veggies. Even the noodles are artsy and tasty, like the appropriately named BlackRed Duple Noodles with braised beef and fried mushroom stems.

Also on the menu are 10 different desserts from 2am: dessert bar including the Chocolate Praline Poprocks Cake and the Cassis Plum bombe with elderflower yoghurt foam, choya granita, yuzu pearls and yuzu rubies. We love that they have wine pairing suggestions under each dessert. Speaking of booze, we also love the creative cocktail list with Asian-inspired offerings like the Yuzu Sake Fizz with Yamada sake, yuzu juice and tonic water.


UJ Tidbit:

Come here hungry because you’re going to want to go the full gamut with a pre-dinner cocktail, a dim sum spread, and one of Janice’s fabulous desserts. Worried you’re going to be too stuffed to fit the dessert in? No problem—just grab some of her sweets to take home from the retail shop next to the restaurant.



The dim sum dishes hover in the $15 to $20 range, but you’ll probably want to order a few to make up a whole meal. Desserts range from $16 to $24. Janice also offers a lunch degustation menu for $35, a dinner degustation menu for $68 and an eight-course dessert degustation menu for $68.


Where: 93 Stamford Road, National Museum Singapore #01-06, Singapore 178897

Hours: Mon - Sat: 11am - 11pm, Sun: 11am - 6pm

Tel: +65 9712 5338 

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