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BUGIS - Up until now, Peruvian cuisine has been hard to come by here in Singapore, so Chef Daniel Chavez’s TONO Cevicheria—Singapore’s first authentic Peruvian Cevicheria—is a welcome addition that adds a fresh layer to Singapore’s culinary scene. Located in Duo Galleria, a new development that is not fully open yet, TONO seems like it will be a scene-setter in more ways than one.


Why you should come here:

TONO means ‘party’ in Peruvian, and although the spot is small, it does have a fun atmosphere going on with bright splashes of blue and green throughout the space and a vibrant selection of seafood-centric dishes on the menu. If you’re a vegetarian who doesn’t eat fish or not a fan of seafood, then this probably isn’t your spot. However, if you can’t get enough of the ocean’s bounty, then you’ll love the creative ceviches, grilled octopus and squid dishes going on here. Moreover, Chef Daniel and his team use loads of spices and ingredients imported from Peru, so you get the true flavours of the dishes as they are meant to taste.


What we love:

For the ceviche you’ve got a few different options to choose from, and we went for the Nikkei, which featured fresh raw yellowfin tuna in a soy and sesame dressing with purple potato chips and avocado for a nice contrast of smoothness and crunch. The Tiraditos also featured fresh sashimi style fish, this time yellowtail with crispy quinoa for a bit of crunch, all tossed in lime juice and a chili vinaigrette.

For mains the Pulpo al Olivo was absolutely delicious with melt-in-your-mouth octopus served with black olive mayo, lemon chimichurri and garlic chips. We’ve been having some great octopus lately, namely from Bakalaki and Dehasa, and this one was definitely up there. Another standout dish was the Aguadito, a thick coriander and cumin soup with crispy fish, chicken, pumpkin and canchita that reminded us of Indian flavors.

The only dish we probably wouldn’t reorder next time is the Sudado de Pescado, a fisherman’s stew with white wine, yellow chili, onions, tomatoes and Peruvian corn, as the flavors were a tad bland, especially when compared to the other dishes. Also, the portion sizes for all the dishes could have been bigger, but thankfully bread was served throughout the meal that helped us soak up the sauces and pretty much lick the plates clean.

The wine list is small, but we enjoyed the Bouchard Pere & Fils Bourgogne Chardonnay 2015, which went well with seafood, and the strong flavors of the Orube Crianza Rioja. There was also room for dessert, so we ordered two to share, but the main meal was definitely the overall highlight.


UJ Tidbit:

You can’t really mix the flavors here, so each dish really should be enjoyed one-on-one rather than a shared plates kind of deal.

And in terms of getting there, TONO is very easily accessible by the green and blue lines and is just a two-minute walk from the MRT, so if it’s a busy night on the roads and you’re close to the MRT, that’s definitely your best option.



We had four people and each ordered a dish plus apps to share and three bottles of wine between us, and that set us back about $130++ a person.


Where: 7 Fraser Street, Duo Galleria

Tel: +65 6702 7320

Hours: Mon- Fri: 12pm - 3pm, Mon - Sat: 6pm - 10pm

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