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The Kitchen at Bacchanalia
The Kitchen at Bacchanalia
HONG KONG STREET - The Kitchen at Bacchanalia makes dining out an interactive experience with just 36 seats that place guests around an open kitchen, so diners are within arm’s reach of the chef...

CHINATOWN - terra is a Tokyo-Italian omakase restaurant, the first of its kind in Singapore, run by the young, charming and very talented Seita Nakahara, who is a native of Japan. Omakase means &ldquo...

Amo, Mouth Watering Italian on Hong Kong Street
Amo, Mouth Watering Italian on Hong Kong Street
Amo is slowly becoming one of our favourite Italian restaurants. Located on trendy Hongkong Street, it adds to the great variety of restaurants and bars nearby including The Kitchen at Bacchanalia and...

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