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If craft beer is your drink of choice, then Druggists should be right up your alley. Housed in the Chinese Druggists Association building (hence the name), this cool beer swilling spot has 23 taps all lined up in a row with blackboards overhead listing the selections on offer. The lineup changes regularly, so you’ve always got something new to try like hoppy lagers, India pale ales, stouts, sour beers and seasonal fruit beers.

Why you should come here:


Owners Corrine Chia and Lincoln Goh kept many of the original features of this historic space the same like the patterned tiles on the facade and floors and the Chinese Druggists Association sign, and they even added some retro touches like kopitiam style marble tabletops and wooden chairs. However, they also modernised it a bit with minty green walls, the gleaming row of beer taps and the sink in the back with a bar tap for a handle. At the end of the day though, it’s really all about the beer and the tasty locally-inspired snacks that pair perfectly with the draughts on offer.

What we love:

Druggists definitely isn’t a thumping nightclub or rowdy sports bar, and we love it for that. The atmosphere is pretty chill and the interiors somewhat minimalist, which allows you to concentrate fully on your artisan beer. We also love that the staff are super helpful, so if you tell them what kind of beers you like, they can suggest a few that will suit your tastes. And if you ask nicely, they’ll even let you try a taster before committing to your order.

UJ Tidbit:

The beers here are a little on the pricey side, which makes sense considering many of them are coming from small batch brewers as far away as the Europe and the US. If you’re on a tight budget or you’re just trying to sample a few to see what you like, go for a half pint as opposed to a full pint. The snacks, however, are very reasonably priced and definitely worth digging into, as they have been selected specifically to pair with the beers. Try the Coffee Pork Ribs with a stout beer or the Spicy Sambal Fish with an IPA.


Half pints range from $6++ to $11++, full pints range from $11++ to $21++, and bar snacks start at $4++.

119 Tywhitt Road, 207547

Tel:+65 6341 5967

Hours:Mon – Thurs, 4pm – 12am, Fri & Sat, 4pm – 2am and Sun, 2pm – 10pm

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