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Dessert To Your Door? Thanks Deliveroo


Singapore is an absolute haven for sweet treats with a seemingly endless supply of spots whipping up decadent creations like fluffy cupcakes, fruit-filled tarts, creamy custards and to-die-for chocolate concoctions. But what you may not know is that you can get your sugar fix delivered right to your door with Deliveroo. If you’re craving dessert delivery or in need of something sweet for a birthday or special celebration, these are our top picks for bakeries, patisseries and boutique cafes that deliver with Deliveroo.


Flor Patisserie

Flor Patisserie puts a unique Japanese-inspired spin on their French pastry creations, so you’ll find offerings like the Green Tea Ice Cheese Tart, Matcha Strawberry Cake and the Kiri Millefeuille with puff pastry and Japanese chestnut cream. We’re particularly partial to the Choco Diamond cake with chocolate cream, cocoa meringue, blood orange jelly and blood orange bavarois. You can opt for whole cakes or single slices, individual tarts and milk puddings, or go for one of their lovely gift boxes that come with cookies and teacakes.

Order from Flor Patisserie via Deliveroo here


Plain Vanilla

Read through Plain Vanilla’s menu on Deliveroo and it’s pretty hard not to imagine impressing all your friends with the ultimate spread for an afternoon tea or gathering. Options range from the Banana Butterscotch Teacake to the Salted Caramel Truffle Tart, Peanut Butter Chocolate Brownies, and the Lemon Chia Seed Loaf. You can also throw some savoury bites into the mix like sandwiches, salads and savoury tarts filled with flavour combos like goat’s cheese, mushroom and leek or smoked salmon and dill.

Order from Plain Vanilla via Deliveroo here


Krispy Kreme

We know you love them, but if you’re anything like us, you may be a tad embarrassed about how often you actually indulge in Krispy Kreme’s melt-in-your-mouth, bordering-on-obscenely-good donuts. Well we won’t tell anyone if you decide to go incognito and order up a box or two delivered right to your back door. With Deliveroo you can get all your favourite flavours like the Chocolate Iced Glazed, Cookies & Cream, New York Cheesecake and Red Velvet delivered as single donuts or in boxes of 6 or 12 donuts with the option to mix and match.

Order from Krispy Kreme via Deliveroo here


Llao Llao

Satisfy your sweet tooth guilt-free with a cup of smooth, velvety Llao Llao frozen yoghurt made with skimmed milk and topped with all sorts of wholesome goodness like fresh fruit, whole grains, crunchy nuts and sauces. On their Deliveroo menu they offer both medium-sized and large-sized take-home packs, which is great if you want to share with the whole family or a gathering of friends or if you’re looking to stock up your fridge with low-fat, low-calorie snacks.

Order from Llao Llao via Deliveroo here


Once Upon a Milkshake

We can’t imagine a better indulgence on a hot, humid day than a rich, creamy milkshake by Once Upon a Milkshake. Order in one of their premium shakes like the Peanut Butter, Cookies & Cream or Real Strawberry, or try one of their special flavours like Bailey’s Cream or Chocobanana. Durian lovers can also have decadent durian shakes delivered with your choice of regular or strong flavour intensity. Be warned though—their icy cold concoctions might just give you brain freeze because you’ll want to suck up all that deliciousness so fast.

Order from Once Upon a Milkshake via Deliveroo here


Ji Xiang Confectionery

Since 1988 Ji Xiang Confectionery has been the go-to spot to procure traditional Chineseang ku kuehcakes, also known as ‘red turtle cakes’ because of their shape and colour. These are great gifts to bring to a Chinese celebration because they represent prosperity, longevity and good fortune, and now Deliveroo saves you the time and energy of heading down to the shop by delivering these tasty peanut and sweet bean-filled snacks right to your home or office.

Order from Ji Xiang Confectionery via Deliveroo here


Cha Tra Mue

If lunchtime lineups are anything to go by, Cha Tra Mue is one of the top spots in town to pick up a refreshing Thai iced milk tea. Not so keen to use up your precious mid-day break minutes standing in the queue? Deliveroo has now partnered with this popular brand to hook you up with their tasty cold bevvies quickly, efficiently and with minimal effort on your part. Simply head to their online menu to order the classic milky Thai iced tea or Extra Gold version, or skip the milk altogether with a Thai black coffee or honey lemon green tea.

Order from Cha Tra Mue via Deliveroo here

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