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Kafe UTU: Jiak Chuan’s New African-Inspired Cafe

by Anjali Datwani

Kafe UTU is an African-inspired cafe that just opened up in the heart of Chinatown. The menu consisted of brunch and lunch items and you will find simple items like poached eggs to more creative brunch fare. They have a section on the menu entitled ‘From Mama Africa’, where you’ll find dishes like Swahili Coconut Fish Curry, Liberian Peanut Chicken Stew and West African Spicy Greens. Our mouth is just watering thinking about these items, we can’t wait to head back there soon. And just a FYI, we dropped in for a coffee this morning: strong, smooth and flavourful so if you work around the hood do check them out for a morning ‘cuppa! Find Kafe UTU on Facebook

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