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Tiong Hoe Specialty Coffee


QUEENSTOWN – For over 50 years Mr. Tan Tiong Ho has been sourcing premium coffee beans from around the world and finely honing his roasting, blending and brewing skills at his cafe, Tiong Hoe Specialty Coffee, which makes it safe to say that he is one of the true pioneers of the third wave coffee movement in Singapore. Now the cafe is run by his son, Jacob Tan, who keeps the passion for all things coffee alive as well as the commitment to serving only the highest quality cuppas.

Why you should come here:

The aroma of freshly roasting coffee wafts through the air as you step into this cosy little cafe, and the staff are quick to greet you with a smile and invite you to have a seat at one of the wooden tables. Along the walls there are shelves with various coffee brewing apparatus, and at the back there are bags of beans that can be roasted on demand. Settle in for a bit and watch the baristas work their magic with equipment like V60 coffee drippers, French presses and the Elektra espresso machine. Depending on the beans you choose, your coffee could be earthy, smoky, nutty or a sweet, but one thing is for sure—it will definitely satisfy your caffeine craving.

What we love:

Before roasting the beans, the coffee masters at Tiong Hoe assess and score them with an SCAA Cupping Score sheet. In fact, barista and partner Juliana is an Arabica Q Grader, which is no easy feat to achieve, so you know that each brew is going to be the best it can possibly be.

We also love the fact that the staff will walk you through the entire process from roasting to grinding to pouring that perfect cup. It really gives you a better appreciation for each sip of that velvety espresso or creamy caffeine-laced latte.

UJ Tidbit:

There are no prices on the menu, so you pay simply what you like or what you think your cuppa was worth.

This is also a great place to learn the fine art of roasting and brewing. Coffee courses here include Elementary Knowledge of Coffee for absolute beginners, Advanced Espresso Brewing, and Latte Art.


Pay what you think is fair.

Cafe:Tiong Hoe Specialty Coffee

Where:Blk 170 Stirling Road #01-1133, Singapore 140170

Operating Hours: Mon – Fri: 8:30am – 5:30pm, Sat: 9am – 4pm

Tel:+65 6473 1133

Visit Tiong Ho Specialty Coffee’s website

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Instagram: @tionghospecialtycoffee

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