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Avocado Toast Lovers, This One’s for You

Avocado Toast at Pickleville

best avocado toast in singapore

There aren’t many things that can drag us out of bed at the weekend, but the promise of avocado toast is certainly one of them (that and aBloody Mary). But recently our breakfast du jour has taken significant flak – no thanks to the Aussie millionaire, Tim Gurner, who suggested we should all stop buying avo toast and save the money for a house deposit instead. We say “pah!” to that (see ya later Tim!). We’ll stick withindulgent brunchingbecause “I’ve had too much avo toast” said no one, ever. Thankfully Singapore isn’t listening to Tim either, and in recent months we’ve seen a wave of drool-worthy avocado toast dishes popping up on menus faster than you can say “rock out with your guac out”. Though it’s still a challenge to find a decent avo in a grocery store, thesecafes and restaurants have cracked the ‘how to find a ripe avocado in Singapore’ conundrum. Huzzah to that! Here’re our top picks of where to score your next avo toast fix. (The restaurants are not ranked in any particular order).

1. Plentyfull Bakery & Deli

All cafe lovers, you need to add this to your list. This Californian-inspired Bakery and Deli that just opened at Great World City serves real, wholesome and comforting food that goes beyond just granola and greens. They offer up a selection of real foods inspired by quality produce from diverse sources. Signature items at the bakery and deli include the RoseBeet Croissant, Moringa Sourdough Loaf, the Veganator, and Oma’s Borbur Ayam. And you won’t want to miss their mashed avocado served on grilled sourdough.

Plentyfull Bakery & Deli,1 Kim Seng Promenade, Great World City #B1-K119. p. +65 6721 9952. Singapore 237994. Open daily 10am – 8pm

2. Carrotsticks and Cravings

Since stumbling upon this gem of a cafe in Dempsey, we’ve become totally obsessed. We love the al fresco setting, super healthy yet delicious menu, and it’s got one of the best avo toasts we’ve tried in ages. The owners source the avocados from a chap in Holland Village who is some kind of avocado-god/wizard; he knows exactly which day the fruit will be perfectly ripe. Add this to a slice of sourdough and top with spinach, two perfectly poached eggs, dukkah, and a generous smattering of feta and you’ve got one of the tastiest breakfasts in SG.

Carrotsticks and Cravings, 75E Loewen Road, 248845, t. 8356 3331 and 7 Rodyk Street #01-34

3. Kitchen by Food Rebel

Food Rebel Avocado Toast

We’re huge fans of Food Rebel regardless, but its delicious avocado toast makes us love it just that teeny bit more. The team here combine avocado with another ingredient sent straight from the gods, peanut butter, to create a dish that’s nothing short of heavenly. You’ll get two slices of bread slathered with healthy peanut butter (no sugar and other nasties to worry about), topped with slices of ripe avo and sprinkled with peanuts. Avo and peanut butter: who knew?! Tastes like a dream.

Kitchen by Food Rebel28 Stanley St, 068737, t. 6224 7088

4. The LoKal

The LoKal Avocado Toast

Hit up The LoKal for avocado toast with a twist. It’s in disguise on the menu; it’s called The Lokal Ricotta. But fret not people, this is avo toast at it’s finest. It comes served with soft, milky handmade ricotta, sharp pomelo, and a smattering of crunchy almonds. Altogether this is a masterclass in texture and flavour; crunchy nuts, crisp toast, soft ricotta, ripe avocado, and pops of sour pomelo. Genius.

The LoKal136 Neil Rd, 088865, t. 6423 9918

5. Grounded by Common Man

For times when you wake up starving (or, let’s face it, hungover), head to Grounded by Common Man in Rob Quay and order this mammoth plate of avocado goodness. Be warned, you’ll need a healthy appetite to polish it off. Expect two slices of toast topped with lashings of smashed avocado, pesto, baby spinach, dill-infused feta, poached eggs, pepitas and chilli flakes. Contender for best avocado toast in Singapore? You betcha, we’re drooling just thinking about it.

Grounded by Common Man22 Martin Road 02-00, 239058, t. 6836 4695

6. Common Man Coffee Roasters

Yup, another entry from Common Man (these guys sure know their avocados). But CMCR (right beneath Grounded by Common Man) get a mention for the yummy creation of avocado toast topped with marmite mushrooms! These bad boys add a dash of marmite-y goodness that is nothing short of highly addictive. It’s Marmite, so we guess you’ll love it or hate it. We’re most definitely teamj’adore.

Common Man Coffee Roasters22 Martin Road 01-00, 239058, t. 6836 4695

7. Merci Marcel

Merci Marcel Avocado Toast

Cute French bistro Merci Marcel is our current favourite eating spot in Tiong Bahru, we popped by forSaturday brunch recentlyand we’ll be back soon to demolish another plate of its superb avocado toast. It comes served with poached organic eggs, portobello mushrooms, pomegranate, and sesame seeds – a winning combo in our book. Try it.

Merci Marcel56 Eng Hoon St, #01-68, 160056, t. 6224 0113

8. Little Farms Cafe

Our favourite grocery store has only gone and opened a cracking cafe out back, and wow – it’s really good. Though it can get a little cramped, it’s worth squeezing in for the beautiful plates of food. And as we’re talking about avocado toast we should probably start by saying they serve up a mighty fine plate of it. Expect a piece of thickly sliced sourdough (it’s worth going for the bread alone, it’s that good), topped with some of the freshest avocado you’ll find in SG, two beautifully poached eggs, and a generous dollop of ricotta. While you’re there, it’d be rude not to sample the other toasties; give the classic ham and cheese a whirl, we’re still dreaming about it two weeks later.

Little Farms Cafe491 River Valley Road, #01-20, 248371, t. 6262 0619

9. Forty Hands

Another stalwart of the Tiong Bahru scene, we’re firm fans of Forty Hands; it’s the perfect spot for a post-yoga brunch sesh. While the whole menu is pretty darn tasty, the smashed avo with coriander, cumin, and dill feta on homemade pepita toast is up there on our fave list. Add poached eggs to the mix for a few extra dollars if you’re ravenous.

Forty Hands78 Yong Siak Street, #01-12, 163078, t. 6225 8545

10. Bread & Hearth

Since discovering this dinky artisanal bakery cafe on Keong Saik Road, we find ourselves subconsciously returning time and again. Initially, it was the lure of freshly made pastries and loaves of bread that grace the counter (which, by the way, are very good indeed) but more recently it’s because avocado toast has just appeared on the menu. It comes with a choice of sunny side up or scrambled eggs, ham, bacon, salmon, or mushrooms, and avocado (naturally), all heaped atop a glorious slab of homemade white sourdough. So simple, yet so darn delicious.

Bread & Hearth18 Keong Saik Rd, 089125, t. 6534 7800

11. The Populus Coffee and Food co

Populus Avocado Toast

All the clean green eaters out there, hotfoot it to Populus this Saturday,stat!We say it’s high time to check out the avocado superfood green platter: kale, charred broccoli, spinach, cottage cheese, marinated feta, pumpkin seeds, dukkah, grains, sous vide egg and avo (obvs) with multigrain toast. Healthy and tasty? That’s #avocadogoals for you right there.

The Populus Coffee and Food co146 Neil Road, 088875, t. 6635 8420

1. Dempsey Cookhouse & Bar

Yup, we’re calling it. The most scrumptious avocado toast we’ve found in Singapore comes courtesy of world-renowned Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten, at his most recent establishment at COMO Dempsey. Expect a beautifully toasted slice of sourdough, topped with chili flakes, olive oil, and curly watercress.

Dempsey Cookhouse 17D Dempsey Road, 249676

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