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Cafe Blue: An Ode to Jamaica’s Blue Mountain Coffee

Cafe Blue Jamaica

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Nestled in the majestic Blue Mountain Range of Jamaica lies a secret that coffee connoisseurs across the globe cherish: the Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee, celebrated as one of the world’s finest. But what makes this coffee so unique? Is it just the altitude, or is there a deeper magic at play?

Many believe that it’s the combination of the rich volcanic soil, the unique climatic conditions, and the meticulous care with which each coffee cherry is nurtured. This is where the tale of Cafe Blue begins.

Established in 2005, Cafe Blue isn’t just another coffeehouse. It’s a testament to the Sharps family’s passion for agriculture, a legacy spanning over three decades. Jason and Richard Sharp, heirs to this tradition, envisioned Cafe Blue as a haven where visitors could not only sip on the finest Jamaican coffee but also experience the heart and soul of Jamaica. (Get coffee by Cafe Blue delivered to your door)

From Bean to Brew: An Authentic Jamaican Experience

The journey of every cup at Cafe Blue is nothing short of magic. Picture this: coffee cherries, blooming on the majestic mountainsides, handpicked and processed with love and care. These are then pulped at their factory nestled amidst the Blue Mountains, followed by processing at a state-of-the-art facility in the heart of Kingston. The result? A cup brewed to perfection, a taste unparalleled.

Branching Out to Iconic Brands

Cafe Blue’s prowess is not limited to its own brand. Their collaboration with Marley Coffee and Nespresso Blue Mountain, two titans in the coffee world, is a testament to their unparalleled expertise. Rohan Marley, founder of Marley Coffee, can’t help but sing praises about the role the Sharps played in expanding their business outreach.

He says, “We were impressed with the Sharp family’s coffee operation, more so its marketing savvy. The Sharps (both Jason & Richard) came on board and brought so much to the table. They were behind the idea of producing an exportable Blue Mountain coffee and taking it to places it has never been before. They have been very gracious in giving us fantastic exposure.”

Cafe Blue is More than Just Coffee, It’s a Culinary Experience

Cafe Blue’s vast horizon, however, is not just confined to a cup of coffee. Their outlets, which are sprouted in seven exquisite locations across Jamaica, offer more than just beverages. Think of an ambiance that invites stories, work, relaxation, and a delightful menu that promises a true touch of Jamaican hospitality.

While their all-day breakfast options, like the delightful Jamaican twist on the French Toast, may tempt you, it’s their signature coffee offerings that truly steal the show. Whether you indulge in their special Blueccino, spiced with nutmeg and cinnamon, or savor the refined taste of their 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee sourced from Clifton Mount Estate, you’re promised an experience like no other.

However, the Cafe Blue experience isn’t confined to the island. For those craving a taste of Jamaica in their homes, Cafe Blue’s assortment of whole beans, grounds, and blends is just a click away. Their promise of serving 100% Jamaican products rings true in every packet they ship worldwide.

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Cafe Blue Gives Back: Commitment Beyond Coffee

At Cafe Blue, every cup narrates a story, not just the rich flavor profile but also of the brand’s steadfast commitment to nature. That means, each and every coffee bean is grown under the natural shade of banana and mango trees, promoting biodiversity and ensuring soil and river basin protection.

As practitioners of sustainable farming leveraging hand-picked weed control, Cafe Blue are the only Jamaican farms to be certified by the Rainforest Alliance and Cafe practices — a testament to their eco and bird-friendly philosophy.

What’s more; their factory is a beacon of hope providing livelihoods to over 500 women from Kingston’s inner-city communities. Thus ensuring that every cup of coffee you sip brings immense value to your taste buds, but also to the lives of many others.

The Bottomline

In a world where authenticity is becoming a rarity, Cafe Blue lays testimony to the Jamaican Promise – of unparalleled quality, authenticity, and love.

So, the next time you pay a visit to this tropical island, let yourself be serenaded by the warm hospitality, indulge in artisan products, and immerse yourself in the authentic taste of Jamaica’s signature coffee.

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