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The Official Survival Guide to ULTRA Singapore 2017


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If you went toULTRA last yearthen you already know what an insane production they put on with world-class talent throwing down on the decks and cutting edge sound systems and visuals. This year’s festival is all set to be just as spectacular and the amount of talent coming together all in one place is just nuts, so if there’s only one event you can attend this year, this is definitely it.

This year brings us an amazing lineup of all-star headliners likeSteve Aoki,Dash BerlinandNicky Romeroand some old time favourites likeSasha & John DigweedandMartin Solveig.

Other highlights includeTiestoandHardwell, who will be closing down the main stage on the first night, Pendulumwho will be taking on the Live stage, andSteve Angellowho will be bringing the whole event to a close on the main stage on the second night. You can also look forward rocking to beats from up-and-coming artists including Indonesian rapperRich Chigga

Once you’ve snagged yourself a ticket—and be sure to get yours soon because they’re selling out fast—take a look at this handy guide we’ve put together with some useful tips to help you have an absolutely amazing ULTRA Singapore experience that are useful for both first timers and festival veterans alike.

And…If you head to the festival (which you definitely should) be sure to look out for our OFFICIAL GUIDE to ULTRA MUSIC FESTIVAL.

1. Double Check That You Have Everything Before Leaving the House

This may seem like a total common sense move, but you’d be surprised how many people arrive at the festival only to find that they don’t have the necessities like tickets, cash or a phone. Before you leave your house, make sure you have your ULTRA ticket and that you’ve topped up your RFID bracelet so you can buy food, drinks and merchandise at the festival without worrying about losing your wallet. Also be sure to bring your phone and a portable charger. And of course, your friends!

2. Make a Set Schedule of the Acts You Want to See

With multiple stages and so many bomb DJs lined up over the two days, chances are you may not get to see every single set. Make a list of the DJs you absolutely MUST see, check their time slots and locales and then plan your days around that. We also suggest showing up at least 30 minutes to an hour before their set so you can get some bevvies in and snag a good spot before the crowds hit.

3. Wear Comfortable Shoes and Clothing

Sure, there are going to be a ton of people at ULTRA to see and be seen by, but remember that this is an outdoor festival in a grassy field. High heels just ain’t going to cut it. Plus, if it’s sunny it will be hot, and if it’s rainy then you’re going to get wet. Dress sensibly in clothes that are breathable, wear sunscreen and keep in mind that there’s a good possibility you might get dirty.

4. Stay Hydrated

There are no two ways around it—at ULTRA you’re definitely going to get your sweat on. The sun will be shining and the music will have you fist pumping and dancing up a storm. Be sure to drink tons of water to stay hydrated. There will be water for sale and available to all at the festival.

5. Put Together a Mini-Festival Kit With Comfort Items

While you definitely don’t want to be carrying around a big ol’ bag at the festival, you may want to bring a few small items that will add to your overall comfort while you’re there like toilet paper and baby wipes, mints, deodorant and hand sanitizer. A hat and some good sunnies could also come in useful. And please don’t forget your good vibes.

6. Plan For Your Hangover the Next Day

Of course we don’t condone heavy drinking and we definitely suggest that you drink sensibly and in moderation, but we also know that festivals have a way of upping the party ante. Think ahead to poor hungover future you and stock up on some Berocca, vitamins, coffee and plenty of fluids for the next day. You may also want to book time off from work on Monday the 12th. Just sayin’.

7. Put Your Contact Details in Your Phone Just in Case

With all that grooving and moving around from Point A to B to C, there’s a small chance that you might lose your phone along the way. While we really hope that doesn’t happen to you, it’s best to be prepared. Put an email addy or second number people can reach you at somewhere they can be easily found like in your address book under ‘Me’, or take a photo of your deets and leave it in your Camera roll.

8. Plan Your Transportation Home Ahead of Time

ULTRA Singapore finishes at 10:30pm both nights, so taking the MRT home is a very viable option. However, keep in mind that the closest station at the Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands is going to be a zoo just after the festival finishes, and getting a taxi is also going to be tricky. You may want to leave a bit earlier than the crowds or try booking a Grab Car in advance.

ULTRA Singapore FAQs

1. How do I collect my ticket?

The tickets come in the form of RFID bracelet that can be collected at BluPorts around Singapore if you have purchased before or ON the 19th May. If you purchased your ticket after, please pick them up at MBS Convention Center, Level 4 between June 7th to 11th June.

All local festival goers must pick up their tickets between June 7th and 9th (10am to 10pm) and all international festival goers must pick their tickets up on either June 10th or June 11th (10am – 6pm).

2. What information will people find on the festival app?

The app has all the info you need about individual artists and bands and their set times, plus an ULTRA Park map and a photo feed where you can post your own live updates.

3. What perks come with the VIP packages and the Premium tickets?

For the ultimate ULTRA experience we recommend splashing out a bit more because the VIP packages and Premium tickets include perks like admission to ULTRA Singapore via the exclusive South Entrance on both days, access to the VIP Village with fab food stalls, laid-back rest areas and VIP bathrooms, and access to the Main Stage and Live Stage PGA areas.


4. In terms of staying hydrated, will there be any extra water given out like last year?


Get geared up for the festival and listen tolisten to Spotify’s ULTRA Singapore 2017 playlistandbuy your tickets now. They won’t be around for much longer!

When:10 June – 11 June

Where:ULTRA Park, 1 Bayfront Avenue,Singapore 018971

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