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A Quick Guide to Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon)

Up and coming, bustling and buzzing, Ho Chi Minh City (formerly known as Saigon) is a major blip on most Southeast Asian traveler’s radars. The city is quickly gaining notoriety for being a foodie destination with excellent nightlife to boot, so we’ve compiled our list of the best spots to eat and drink in this vibrant and varied southern Vietnamese city.


Live it up at:Park Hyatt Saigon,District 1,+84 8 3824 1234

Boutique stay at:Duxton Hotel Saigon, District 1,+84 8 3822 2999

For a relax and tranquil experience:Villa Song, District 2,+84 8 3744 6090


Local haunts:Quan An Ngon,District 1+84 4 3734 9777

Posh Nosh:Trois Gourmands,District 2, +84 8 3744 4585

Trendy Dining:L’uisine,District 1, multiple locations


For great views:Sorae,District 1,+84 8 3827 2372

Serious cocktails:2 Lam Son, District 1,+84 8 3824 1234

Leisuerely bevvies along the water:The Deck,District 2,+84 8 3744 6632


Dance the night away at:Qui Lounge,District 1,+84 8 3828 8828

For live music:YOKO,District 3, +84 8 3933 0577

Rooftop bar:Chill Skybar,District 1,+84 93 882 28 38


Eat delicious local food and ride around the city with theBack on the bike tours.Find out more

Go underground at theCu Chi Tunnels.Find out more

Roam aroundDistrict 2.It’s got more of a suburban feel compared to District 1.

Head toThe Workshopto experience Vietnam’s amazing coffee scene.

VisitPasteur Street Brewing Companyto taste some local craft beer.

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