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Ten Instagram Feeds Wanderlusters Need to Follow


How much do we love travel? So much so that when we’re not on the road, we’re scouring Instagram for fantastic photos that take us away to faraway places and give us inspiration for our upcoming trips. Whether you’re a bona fide frequent flyer or an armchair traveller, these diverse photographers and digital nomads will have you wanting to pack your bags and hit the road.

The Grand Collaboration



For a mash-up of insanely beautiful shots from around the world and from multiple photographers, this is your go-to Instagram feed. On any given day you might catch scenes of the sun setting over a field of sunflowers in Colorado, turtles swimming off the coast of Australia, or fireworks exploding over St. Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow. The best part is that everyone has a chance to have their photos showcased simply by posting a photo with the hashtag #wonderful_places.

The “Vandals”



For those who appreciate a splash of colour and a bit of imagery to liven up the urban landscape, this Instagram account showcases spectacular street art from around the world. From small scale graffiti to massive murals in cities as diverse as London, Miami, New York, and Athens, this feed will inspire you to get out there and explore the back alleys for a slice of contemporary inner city arts and culture.

The Storyteller



Kirsten Alana is a full time photographer based in New York City, but her assignments for the likes of CNN, Expedia and AFAR magazine have taken her around the world. She has a knack for capturing the real feel of a place in her shots, and for nearly every photo she adds a mini-blog post that tells you a bit of history, the backstory to the image, and sometimes even the techniques and equipment she uses to capture the moment.

The Fabulous Foodie



Singapore based foodie Melissa travels the world in search of the best local street food delicacies, and then photographs said snacks in the place of their origin. Examples of drool-worthy pics include onigiri in front of Odawara Castle, currywurst in front of Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin, a lobster roll in front of the Flatiron Building in New York City, and a Godiva covered strawberry in Bruges.

The Tag-Along



Innovative Instagrammer Murad Osmann gained international fame for his gorgeous ‘Follow Me’ shots of his girlfriend leading him by the hand around some of the world’s most spectacular locales. The visual effect makes you feel as though she is taking you along for the journey, and her outfits even match the destinations that they visit.

The Wave Catcher



If it’s the ocean you’re craving, photographer Clark Little will suck you in with images of sublime swells, stunning sunsets, surfers and sharks. His specialty is catching waves in mid curl, and his ethereal shots have been featured in National Geographic, The New York Times and LIFE to name just a few publications. After following his feed, you might find it mighty hard not to book that next beach getaway.

The Professional Wanderer



Since 2007 Gary Arndt has been travelling and photographing the world, and when we say travelling, we mean to every single continent and nearly every landscape you can imagine. His breathtaking photos capture nature at its finest as well as manmade structures and intimate portraits. And as if his 37,000 plus followers weren’t enough of a testament to his skills, he was also named 2014 Travel Photographer of the Year by the Society of American Travel Writers.

The Urban Eye



CNN journalist Jethro Mullen snaps captivating shots of his adopted city of Hong Kong, and a scroll through his Instagram feed reveals carefully composed images that present a unique side of the city that is usually only caught in fleeting moments. His knack for angles and lightplay are second to none, which allows him to find beauty even in areas experiencing the most rampant urban development.

The Aerialist



Adam Senatori’s tagline reads, “A mile of highway will take you a mile. A mile of runway will take you anywhere…”, which is fitting considering this pilot and photographer takes stunning bird’s eye view photos of a wide range of landscapes including mountains, coastlines, farmer’s fields and cityscapes. Acrophobics be warned: some of these shots might give you vertigo.

The Homegrown Talent



If you’re looking for a bit of inspiration in your own backyard, look no further than Yafiq Yusman’s feed. This former architecture student knows a cool building when he sees it, and his portfolio of work includes crisp black and white shots that take us on a tour of Singapore’s symmetrical structures, staircases and spirals, as well as ethereal nature shots, puddle reflection snaps, and some travel photos thrown in for good measure.

*All images sourced from respective instagram accounts

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