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Urban Insider: Showtek & G.T.A



What MUST you eat when you come to Singapore? (Or if it’s your first time here, what have people told you is a must)

Showtek: Rengdang for Wouter! Sjoerd turned vegetarian so not sure if this can be made without meat?

G.T.A: Every time we head to Singapore we MUST have some street noodles of course! We’ve only been able to spend a few days in Singapore but we’ve had so many different types of food there and it has all been amazing.

Describe Singapore in one word.

Showtek: Immaculate

G.T.A: Incredible.

Take us through 24 hours before a live set.

Showtek: We get in the plane (Wouter LA and Sjoerd lives in Miami) and meet up at the hotel probably like 12 hours before the show . We normally go over ideas and songs for the show already the week before. We get together and have dinner with the whole team and off we go!

G.T.A: Usually we will be traveling from somewhere so the day will start with getting up and heading to the airport. Hopefully the hotel will have some sort of coffee to grab before heading to the airport. Then after we fly to the next city we will probably get to the next hotel around mid day. Depending if there is enough time I (Matt) would try to get a work out in at the gym. Then we would probably meet up and search the internet for new music to play that day, make some edits, and then get ready for dinner and to head to the show!

Your most memorable experience ever and why.

Showtek: The day we realized we can do this for a living! Wow! Still privileged!

G.T.A: We’ve been touring for almost 5 years now so it’s hard to pin point the most memorable exactly but from this year so far it has to be when we playing Ultra Music Festival in Miami! We actually brought our parents on stage and they were able to finally see us play on a big stage! It was such an amazing feeling seeing their faces when they came up.

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