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Aburiya at Boat Quay


If you follow us, then you probably know we’ve always been big fans of Aburiya inRobertson Quay, so we were super excited to found out it has opened a spot in Boat Quay too – huzzah to that!. Set alongside the Singapore River, this unique dining concept includes Aburiya Japanese Wagyu Yakiniku, a contemporary spot serving up top-quality Wagyu beef and other fine meats for DIY yakinu meals, and The Container Wagyu Tapas & Bar overlooking the river. If you’re a fan of wagyu,whisky, sake, DIY BBQ dining, and all thingsJapanese, Aburiya needs to be on your hitlist.

Why you should come here:

Boat Quay has an abundance of seafood restaurants, so Aburiya makes for a nice change, especailly if you’re in a wagyu and whisky kinda mood. The restaurant sources its beef from a carefully curated selection of Japanese farms that raise top-quality A4 Kuroge Wagyu beef and Tonkachi beef, and they’re all about creating as little waste as possible, so you’ll find interesting and unique cuts like oyster blade and tongue in addition to the usual short ribs and brisket. Start with a whisky infused with a Wagyu wash at The Container, then head indoors for carnivorous feast of meat grilled just the way you like it over specially imported bincho charcoal.

What we love:

We checked out Aburiya Japanese Wagyu Yakiniku on a weekend, and were pleasantly surprised to find that it was a totally different experience from the Robertson Quay location. Step inside the long, horizontal space and you have your choice of booths or private rooms where you can settle in for an evening of chilling with friends and grilling your own meats.

There are tons of different cuts of meat to choose from including platters where you can mix and match like theTokusen Kazoku Mori ($80)that includes your choice of three Wagyu selections including outside skirt, finger rib, as well as pork belly, chicken sausages and vegetables. Aside from the melt-in-your-mouth Wagyu, we actually highly recommend the Korean food that they offer including theButa Kimchi Chige ($13)soup and theBibinba ($13) rice bowl with beef and veggies.

The service was a little slow we must say, and the layout of the restaurant made it a bit hard to get the attention of the servers, but once the sake started flowing and the food started arriving, we were a little more patient.

UJ Tidbit:

Overall, this is a great, easy-going spot when you’re up for a meat and sake fueled dinner. Just be sure to put together a good group because the booths are cosy and make for a really fun experience. The Container is also great stop along Boat Quay if you’re more in the mood for some light Japanese tapas and a glass or two of whisky or sake next to the water before moving on somewhere else.


Tapas at The Container range from $8 to $19, while the yakiniku Wagyu plates start at $16 and go up depending on the cut.

78 Boat Quay

Tel:+65 6532 0365

Hours:Aburiya: Sun – Thurs: 6pm – 11pm, Fri – Sat: 6pm – 11:30pm. The Container: Sun – Wed: 6pm – 11pm, Thurs – Sat: 6pm – 12am.

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The Container’s menu

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