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Brought to us by the Akashi group, Akanoya is a robatayaki joint where you pick out what you want to eat from a huge display of fresh seafood, premium meats and various veggies, and then the chefs will grill it up in front of you and serve it to you on a wooden platter. Menu items include treats like Wagyu beef cubes, crab legs, and all manner of Japanese mushrooms, eggplants and leeks. Also on offer are sakes, Sapporos and sochu to wash it all down.

Why you should come here:

Robatayaki. That’s all we need to say. Unless of course you’re not familiar with the experience, in which case we can tell you that it’s a fun and feast-worthy interactive dining experience where you get to pick and point to the different components of your meal and watch the chefs yell out the orders and whip up your food with flair. But of course, the best part is savouring your smoky grilled selections along with sips of smooth sake.

What we love:

The overall experience. Walk in and you are immediately greeted with a chant by the high-energy chefs who are raring to go. The decor is authentically Japanese with lots of wood, paper sliding doors and specials written in kanji hanging on the walls, and you have your choice of three long communal tables or seats at the bar facing the chefs. The quality of the food is also superb with fresh ingredients that seem as though they were caught, butchered or picked that day.

UJ tidbit:

There’s no menu here, so be sure to ask about the prices because your dishes can easily add up and the servers are known for recommending the best and most expensive items on offer. It can be a little annoying to have to ask how much each item costs, but as the sake goes down you do tend to care a little less… that is until you look at your bill the next day. That being said, this is a great group dining experience or a late-night option if you don’t mind splashing out.


It’s pretty easy to spend about $200++ and above excluding drinks.

Where:#01-01 Orchard Parade Hotel, 1 Tanglin Rd, Singapore 247905

Hours:Mon – Sat 6:30PM – 1:30AM, Sun 6:30PM – 12AM

Tel:+65 6732 1866

Visit Akanoya’s website

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