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Cure Your Hangover with Deliveroo


After a big night out on the town, nothing cures a hangover faster than hearty comfort food. Too bad the last thing you want to do when you’re hungover is head out into the world in search of food or—gasp—cook for yourself. What if we told you there was a solution to all of your post-party hunger problems? WithDeliverooyou can order pretty much anything under the sun and have it delivered straight to your door, including tasty hangover cures from all your favourite restaurants like classic pancake breakfasts, stacked sandwiches, Japanese curries and more.

Clinton St. Baking Co.

This famous New York City transplant is renowned for their delicious breakfast and brunch dishes, so much so that wait times can be crazy, especially on weekends when it seems like all of Singapore flocks here in the hopes of securing a seat for brunch. But you don’t need to worry waiting around in line forever just to get some of their amazing Blueberry Pancakes with warm maple butter or the Black Angus Cheeseburger because Deliveroo will bring those dishes to you in a flash.

Recommended Hangover Cure:Satisfy your cravings for both carbs and grease with the Buttermilk Fried Chicken Plate, a winning combination of crispy golden chicken drizzled with a honey-Tabasco sauce, crunchy slaw and a big slab of jalapeno corn bread on the side.

Order from Clinton St. Baking Co. from Deliveroo here


Oh gyoza—how good are those delicious little parcels of pork, prawns or veggies steamed or fried until golden, especially when you’re hungover and in need of a super simple meal or snack? Gyoza-Ya is one of our favourite places for this Japanese treat because they use primo ingredients like handmade gyoza skins and sauces flown in from Japan. Plus their gyoza tastes just as good when it arrives via delivery as it does when you eat in the restaurant.

Recommended Hangover Cure:The Yaki Buta Gyoza (pan fried dumplings with pork) are probably just what you need if you’re looking for something safe and dependable. However, if you’re feeling a tad more decadent, try the Gyoza-Ya Bento Box with gyoza, chicken karaage, Japanese beansprout with beef and fish sauce, and rice.

Order from Gyoza-Ya from Deliveroo here

Ippudo Ramen

Nothing says Asian comfort food like a big bowl of steaming ramen, and some of the best bowls of ramen you’ll find on the island come from Ippudo Ramen. Created by ‘ramen king’ Shigemi Kawahara, Ippudo’s springy Hakata style noodles are served al dente with a variety of toppings and a secret recipe tonkatsu broth that we believe can cure almost any woe. When we’re feeling less than top notch, this is one of our go-to Deliveroo order-in meals.

Recommended Hangover Cure:Start with a few easy-going apps like the gyoza and agedashi tofu, then go for a bowl of the classic Shiromaru Motoaji with slices of chashu pork loin, cabbage and spring onion in a flavourful broth. Add as much chili and shoyu as you need to amp up the flavour.

Order from Ippudo at Shaw Centre

Order from Ippudo Ramen at Mohammed Sultan

Order from Ippudo Ramen Express at Marina Bay Sands

Healthy Soba Iki

Here’s a novel idea—instead of curing your hangover with greasy fried food, why not do something good for your body and get in something on the healhtier side. Healthy Soba Iki offers up Soba with a variety of great hearty toppings to choose from like Juicy Smoked Duck or Avocado and Salmon. Sure, you may be too hungover to do anything more active than order delivery and chill out in front of the TV, but at least you don’t have to feel guilty about what you eat.

Recommended Hangover Cure:Hot Soba with Japanese Curry will provide you with something hearty, tasty and you can feeel somewhat guilt-free.

Order from Healthy Soba Iki with Deliveroo here

Monster Curry

Imagine this the next time you’re hurting after a big night out: golden, crispy, deep-fried goodness like pork, chicken or tempura prawns slathered in an smooth, umami-rich curry sauce that includes 14 different spices and veggies and takes two days to make, plus a pile of rice to soak up all that sauce. Even better, you can choose from five different levels of spice from Normal to Monster Hot and have Deliveroo bring it straight to your door. Um yes, Monster Curry is definitely one of our favourite delivery hangover cures.

Recommended Hangover Cure:If you have a partner in crime to suffer through the hangover with, then we suggest ordering in one of the Monster Combo Curry plates so you can try a bit of everything like pork tonkatsu, fried fish, tempura prawns and beef shabu-shabu smothered in curry sauce and served atop rice.

Order Monster Curry from Deliveroo here

Muthu’s Curry

If comfort food to you means a heady blend of spices, tender meats and veggies simmering away in a rich curry sauce, then Muthu’s Curry is just for you. These guys have been serving up authentic Indian food since 1969, and they’re still going strong with delish dishes like their famous Fish Head Curry, Butter Chicken and Aaloo Mutter. Now with Deliveroo you can just click a button and have their tasty, aromatic dishes delivered right to your home.

Recommended Hangover Cure:If you need a hit of heat to snap you out of your post-party slump, try the Mutton Vindaloo with hearty chunks of mutton in a spicy gravy. Not sure your stomach can hack the spice? Then go for the mild Mutter Paneer with cottage cheese and green peas in a creamy chili-free sauce.

Order Muthu’s Curry from Deliveroo here

Sacha & Sons

Nothing says comfort food to us like New York City deli food, and when we’re in need of our fix,

Sacha & Sons always pops into our minds for their amazing house-cured meats, potato latkes and matzah ball soup. We love that Deliveroo offers pretty much the full range of their menu, so just like you could at their venue, you can start with a cup of joe made with beans from Common Man Coffee Roasters, and then dig into Scrambled Eggs with smoked salmon on a homemade bagel or other comfort food dishes like soups, sammies and meat platters.

Recommended Hangover Cure:The Grilled Reuben sandwich hits all the right spots with chewy rye bread, juicy pastrami, Swiss cheese, sauerkraut and creamy Russian dressing. The sandwich comes with a pickle and coleslaw, and you can opt for custom mods like brioche or gluten-free bread.

Order Sacha & Sons from Deliveroo here

Wanton Seng’s Noodle Bar

Slurping back a bowl of noodles is an instant hangover cure, especially if said noodles come with slow-cooked pork belly, plump dumplings and an onsen egg in a rich broth. Wanton Seng’s Noodle Bar takes their recipe for this popular hawker dish from the famous Seng’s Wanton Mee at Dunman Food Centre, and now with Deliveroo you can enjoy it and other tasty bites like dumplings and stir-fried kailan at home without having to drag your sorry hungover butt to Amoy Street.

Recommended Hangover Cure:Vegetarians can order in Wanton Seng’s Braised Shiitake Mushroom Noodles with boiled wontons for a meat-free hangover helper, while more carnivorous types can indulge in the classic Char Siew Noodles with torched pork belly and boiled wontons.

Order Wanton Seng’s Noodle Bar from Deliveroo here

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