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After wowing diners with his innovative dishes at Esquina, Chef Andrew Walsh went on to open Cure, which has developed a following for its easily accessible menus that focus on fresh seasonal produce prepared with a slight British/Irish twist. The menus change every month to reflect the top ingredients on offer, so you can expect different flavours every time you visit.

Why you should come here:

Keong Saik is buzzing with restaurants, but this is a good quality spot that banks more on the talents of the chef and the primo ingredients than the happening location. The menu changes on a regular basis, which may present a consistency problem for other spots, but Chef Andy has yet to let us down on any of our visits. Plus the price points here are reasonable for the food quality, which means you can enjoy great food by a great chef.

What we love:

With dark grey walls and plain grey canvases on the walls, Cure may be a tad on the dark side, but we definitely love the vibe here. It’s perfect for when you want a good meal in a cozy atmosphere. The staff will also go out of their way to make you feel right and home. In fact the name Cure comes from the Latin word meaning ‘to take care of’. It is not a cheap meal, but it’s definitely one of the sets that we will keep going back for when we want to splurge.

UJ Tidbit:

If you need anything during your meal, look for the maître d who seated you and he or she will be happy to help you with any questions or requests you may have. And if you can, try snagging a spot at the Chef’s table just next to the kitchen. It’s like your own private dining space for $150++ per person. However, if you’re not looking to splurge, come in on a weekday from Monday to Thursday when you can score a 3-course lunch tasting menu for $95++, along with the usual 5 course at $120++ and 7 course at $140++. They offer a 2 course lunch menu at $42++ and a 3 course for $55++.

Where:21 Keong Saik Road, S089128

Hours:Mon – Sat: Dinner from 6pm, Wed Thurs, & Fri: Lunch from 12pm

Tel:+65 6221 2189

Check out the a la carte menu, served Mon – Thu

Check out the tasting menu, served Fri – Sat

Visit CURE’s website

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Instagram: @cure_singapore

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