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Even Tastier Options Delivered to Your Door with Deliveroo


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Deliveroo have always been huge innovators when it comes to getting great food out there to the world, and their recent launch of Deliveroo Editions is upping the game even further. This unique platform allows chefs and restaurateurs the chance to launch delivery-only kitchens in various locations around the world, which in turn allows hungry patrons to indulge in delish dishes they might otherwise miss out on.

Deliveroo Editionsofficially launched in Singapore on April 6th with a selection of hand-picked restaurants includingMuchachos, Sacha & Sons, Blu KouzinaandPho Stopdelivering to customers in Katong and the neighbouring zones (Psst…order from four of the participaing restaurants and get free delivery from April 10 – May 8). Now instead of making the trek to get good Greek, Mexican or Vietnamese nosh, residents in the area can have souvlaki, burritos or pho delivered right to their doors.

This roll out came about as a result of extensive analysis by Deliveroo to determine which local cuisines were missing in Katong and which types of cuisine and restaurant brands would most likely appeal to people in the area. Once they gathered this data, they carefully curated a selection of restaurants to cater to local demands.

Deliveroo Editions also provides partner restaurants with bespoke kitchens, marketing support and fleets of drivers to help the restaurants provide their delivery-only menus to new areas. This is a win-win situation for all, because it allows restaurant owners to test the waters and expand without having to invest in opening a new restaurant right away, and it gives customers more choices of delicious dishes on demand.

While the good folks of Katong are the first to enjoy this fabulous new service, Deliveroo Editions will soon be offering unique delivery-only services in locations across Singapore and they have plans to expand the concept to five different countries by the end of 2017.

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