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If shared tapas plates and gastronomic delights are your bags, then FOC is definitely something you need to try. Located on the buzzing foodie enclave of HongKong Street, FOC is a venture by Nandu Jubany, who is famed for his Catalan fare and his stellar restaurant Can Jubany in Spain. FOC means fire in Spain, which is fitting as this place has gained a rep for being hot and happening.

Why you should come here

While this is a great spot for a group dinner as they have big tables that are very accommodating, it would also be a great date spot. If it’s just two of you, have a seat at the bar where you can get direct views of the awesome food being prepped.

They have an awesome cocktail list with concoctions starting at a very reasonable $13, and head bartender Dario Knox (formerly of Catalunya) definitely knows what he’s doing. The drinks menu is great because it gives you diagrams and descriptions that explain the different ingredients, flavour notes like bitter, dry, sweet, sour, and refreshing, and indicators for whether or not the spirits and sodas are homemade.

Making sure Jubany’s gastronomic vision comes to life is chef Jordi Noguera of former Foodbar Dada acclaim. Dishes go from $6 to $30, and you have your choice of standard tapas dishes and some innovative creations. Portion sizes are quite decent, which means you can get away with about four or five dishes for a couple of sharing. However, you will probably want to try as much as you can.

What we love

Overall, the prices were pretty reasonable for what we got, the dishes were very tasty and the portions were decent. All the ingredients seemed super fresh and each dish was served with flair. We find it so difficult to find good tapas in Singapore and can definitely say that FOC is among the better restaurants in the category. The vibe is also super hip, making it a great spot for a good meal before heading out. And as far as dishes go, the Huevos Estrellados con Chorizo was definitely a stand out for us.

Croquetas de Setas

We ordered theCroquetas de Setas ($8)which came golden and crispy on the outside with creamy mushrooms inside, thePa Amb Tomaquet ($6), toasted bread with grated fresh tomatoes,Tortilla de Patatas con “Pa Amb Tomaquet” ($10), which was a classic Spanish tortilla with toasted bread and grated fresh tomatoes, and theHuevos Estrellados con Chorizo ($10), a smooth mixture of scrambled eggs with spicy and slightly salty Spanish sausage.

And of course we had to go for some seafood dishes, so we ordered theGambas al Ajillo ($18), prawns in a delightfully rich garlic and wine sauce, thePulpa a la Galena ($22), Galician style octopus prepared with a healthy dusting of paprika, drizzled olive oil and potatoes, and theCeviche de Vieiras y Guacamole ($20), an interesting spin on scallop ceviche with dollops of guacamole.

Finally, we tried theFOC Hamburguesa de Chocolate ($12) for dessert, and it was something we’ve never seen done before. Basically, it was like an ice cream sandwich that looked like a hamburger, except each layer was made of something delicious like white chocolate buns, a dark chocolate ganache patty, and strawberries, mango, and mint for the fixings. Simply amazing.

UJ tidbit:

There are high tables in the back which are good for groups but sometimes if you’re a smaller group you do get placed on them as they serve as communal tables. Depending on how many you are, try to request bar seating or the smaller tables in the front.


About $50++ a person, excluding alcoholic beverages.

40 HongKong Street, Singapore 059679

Tel:+65 6100 4040

Hours:Mon-Wed: 6pm – 11:45pm, Thu – Sat: 12pm – 2:30pm, 6pm – 11:45pm

Other Locations including Orchard Road (Pim Pam by Foc) and Sentosa on their website below.

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