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Gluten-free Eats at The Butcher’s Wife


We love how healthy eating is making its way into haute cuisine, which is why we’re super intrigued by The Butcher’s Wife, a chic new eatery by the Spa Esprit Group that offers up 100%gluten-free dishes. Catering to diners with gluten-intolerances and those who just want to eat a little bit cleaner, chef Diego Jacquet has put together a tempting menu of modern European GF fare like the grilled asparagus with a 63-degree egg , mushroom cream, burnt onions, and smoked ricotta and the green pea hummus with grilled lamb sausage, yogurt, mint, and pistachios. We’ll be adding this to our nextNew Restaurant Intel, and you can expect a full review coming up soon!

The Butcher’s Wife,19 Yong Siak Street, Singapore

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