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When it comes to Korean cuisine, we’re lucky to have Honey Lee on our team, as she has the insider info when it comes to all theBest Korean Restaurants in Singapore. One of her favourite spots for authentic Korean food is Hyang-To-Gol, which actually has a number of locations around Singapore, but we like the one at Amara Hotel for its modern decor, lively atmosphere and fab menu that features both traditional and contemporary Korean dishes.

Why you should come here:

It’s a pretty good sign when you walk into a Korean restaurant and see the seats filled with Korean people chatting, laughing and digging into divine looking dishes. Hyang-To-Gol specialises in Korean BBQ, so you’ll find grills on all the tables and families and friends grilling up delicacies. Not in the mood for DIY food? Not to worry because they also have over 100 menu items to choose from ranging from hotpots to seafood pancakes and jajangmyeon noodles.

What we love:

Take it from Honey, our resident expert, the Mool-Naengmyeon noodles are spot-on. The dish consists of springy buckwheat noodles in a cold savoury broth topped with thin slices of crunchy pear, pickled cucumbers and a hard-boiled egg. Add some mustard and vinegar, and you’ve got yourself a tangy and refreshing light meal.

And of course, the BBQ is always fun, especially if you come in a group or for a family outing. The meats are top-notch and include thick slabs of marbled Beef Chuck Short Ribs, thin slices of Top Grade Beef Brisket, and Spicy Sliced Pork Belly. When you opt for the BBQ you also get platters of fresh healthy veggies to grill up or eat on their own as well.

UJ Tidbit:

The prices here are high compared to other Korean restaurants around town, but you get what you pay for in terms of atmosphere, service and quality of food. They definitely don’t skimp on thebanchan(assorted appetizers) either, so try not to load up on the kimchi or the soy and sesame spinach before getting to all those spicy soups and melt-in-your-mouth meats.


A plate of BBQ beef starts at $32++ and hotpots start at $35++. They also have great set lunch deals from Monday to Friday that start at $9.50++ and include a main, rice, sauces and sides.

Where:165 Tanjong Pagar, Amara Hotel Singapore Level 2

Tel:+65 6220 7160

Hours:Daily: 11:30 – 3pm, 6pm – 11pm

Hyang-To-Gol Menu

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