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iO Italian Osteria has its own unique ambience to reflect the simple and rustic setting of a traditional Italian tavern. Step inside their huge glass-enclosed space and you are met with rustic, whitewashed wooden tables, homey shelves lined with various Italian food stuffs and a big open-concept kitchen emitting the intoxicating aromas of freshly baked bread and roasted garlic. You will also find the restaurant adorned with fine antique pieces and beautiful copper, which instantly cocoons you into its magical yet cosy ambience.

Headed by well-known Restaurateur and Chef Anna Borrasi, the restaurant serves up a fabulous culinary experience that is completely unique and also affordable. The talented chefs create your meal from scratch, combining the freshest and flavoursome ingredients together to produce the finest Italian dishes. And, adding further to an authentic Osteria experience, the house-pour wines are served from draft barrels into carafes. The in-house bakery also produces daily fresh breads and pizzas.

Why you should come here

With its rustic vibes and homey, neighborhood feel, we think iO Italian Osteria would be an awesome spot for a Sunday brunch or an easy-going dinner when you know you’re not going out afterwards.

The menu here is made up of small Italian bites and bigger plates to either share or devour all by yourself. We opted to go family-style and share so that we could try a number of dishes. Everything looked amazing and the prices were extremely reasonable so we kind of went to town on the ordering. However, everything – and we mean everything – was absolutely delicious, so we did a good job of cleaning up the feast.

Like we said, if you have no intentions of painting the town red, then just chill out and enjoy a hearty, filling dinner with some good wine, right here at iO Italian Osteria.

What we love

Two standout starters kicked off the meal, theBruschetta with Sicilian cherry tomatoes and Italian basil ($7)and anotherBruschetta with sauteed mushrooms and truffle scent ($8). Both were served on crispy slices of freshly baked bread and topped with super fresh ingredients that were simple but packed with flavour.

Next up was theBaked Eggplant Parmigiana ($13), a lovely layered dish of thinly sliced eggplant, vibrant tomato sauce, and bubbling cheese. We followed that with theTender Meatballs in hearty tomato sauce ($9), which were honestly some of the best meatballs we’ve had here, the ridiculously freshFarmer’s Salad ($14), and a very generous portion ofBurrata with parma ham and rucola ($19).

There were so many great options that we could have gone for and all at great prices like theSpicy Roasted Farm Chicken ‘Alla Diavola’ ($22), theMixed Grilled Fish and Seafood Platter ($26), and pastas like theOrecchiette, pork sausage and saffron sauce ($18)and theBaked Lasagna grandma style ($16). They also had great Italian wines at awesome prices too.

UJ tidbit

It’s not somewhere we would come to on a Friday or Saturday night, unless you want a great meal somewhere without going out on the town. But we think it’s a great place to go to on a weekend for lunch or an early Sunday evening dinner.

Where:4 Hillview Rise, HillV2 #02-01, Singapore 667979

Hours:Daily: 10am – 10pm

Tel:+65 6710 7150

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Instagram: @italianosteriasg

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