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Kitchen by Food Rebel

Kitchen at Food Rebel

What exactly is a food rebel? Well, Kitchen by Food Rebel describes a food rebel as someone who believes in the power of choice, wants to know how their food is produced, and understands the impact that food has on the body. If that sounds like you, then you’ll definitely want to check out this wholesome food cafe in the heart of the CBD that caters to vegans, vegetarians, athletes and healthy eaters.

Why you should come here:

The menu here has something to cater to every type of eater, from gluten, dairy and nut-free dishes for those with food sensitivities to salads and fruit bowls for vegans and veggies, and protein dishes using sustainable, hormone-free meats. The menu is substantial without being overwhelming, and the dishes are labelled with codes, so you know exactly which dishes cater to each taste.

If you’re looking for a healthy breakfast or lunch that is delicious and will keep you full, this is a good spot. They have tons of hearty options like The Rebel Chicken Burger, Zoodle Bolognese, Sustainable Barramundi with Asian Sesame Greens and more. The quality of ingredients that they use are superb, and although it can get busy, the service is efficient and friendly. Plus, their location in the heart of Chinatown makes it very convenient if you’re part of the CBD working crowd.

What we love:

The Chicken Protein Bowl was filling and fresh with slices of hormone-free chicken, creamy hummus, avocado, and pumpkin and a light tahini dressing, and The Rebel Chicken Burger with baked sweet potato fries felt thoroughly indulgent even though it was actually a super healthy feed. You can even order organic wines, which goes to show that you can be ‘bad’ here but still be ‘good’.

We also love how passionate Elrika Maher and her husband Richard Maher are about healthy living. This can be seen in the quality of their food and their commitment to working with local start-ups and suppliers to provide organic produce and clean meats. In addition, they offer regular nutrition workshops on site and they hosted their first Artisan & Farmers Market in June, which we hope becomes a regular event as well.

UJ Tidbit:

Everything is organic here, so it makes sense that the menu items are a little pricier than other healthy eating spots in the area, but we say it’s well worth the few extra bucks.


Mains range between $12 and $21.

Where:28 Stanley Street, Singapore 068737

Hours:Mon – Thurs: 8am – 6pm, Fri: 8am – 8pm, Sat: 9am – 2pm

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