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Masa Steak and Hamburg


For ages now we’ve been passing by MASA Steak and Hamburg on Robertson Walk and we’ve always wanted to check it out. With a sleek looking exterior, an enticing softly-lit interior and a menu boasting primo cuts of Wagyu beef flown in directly from Japan, how could you go wrong, right? Well we finally we did make it through the doors and now we wonder what took us so long.

Why you should come here:

If you’re a steak lover, you definitely need to get in on this. There are so many ways to get your meat fix here from the beef carpaccio and foie gras starters to the hamburg steaks (basically hamburger patties without the bun), and the various cuts of Wagyu A5 grade steaks charcoal grilled to perfection. Vegetarians may find it a bit tough to make up a meal here, but there are some salads, seafood dishes and veggie sides on offer.

What we love:

We actually love how dark and cozy this restaurant is, as it reminded us a bit of being at a dark steakhouse back in NYC. We went with a big group and sat at the high tables in the middle of the restaurant, which gave us a good vantage point to scout out all the different dishes going by to other tables before we ordered.

There are tons of dishes to choose from, which was good for us because we got to try lots of different items from the menu. To start we ordered a ton of appetizers to share including the White Fish Carpaccio, Wagyu Beef Carpaccio, Tartar Steak, Crab Cake and Shrimp Ajillo, all of which were super tasty and whet our appetites for more.

And of course we had to try the Wagyu steak, which is priced depending on the cut and by the gram. We loved that the menu has a chart in it that shows you where all the different cuts of meat come from on the cow. The tenderloin was by far our favorite, as it was tender, juicy and packed with flavor. But whatever you decide on, definitely order the Baked Beef Curry Rice on the side because it just melts in your mouth with savoury deliciousness.

UJ Tidbit:

This is a great spot for a group dinner, especially if you can snag the high table in the middle of the restaurant that can hold about 10 people. Order some sake and beers and indulge in all-out beefy goodness. This is also a great spot for a date or an intimate dinner on a rainy night when you’re in the mood for a dark and cozy spot.


Starters here fall in the $20 range and sides are about $15, but the beef does get up there in price. For example, 180 grams of tenderloin costs $180. That being said, the quality is excellent and in our opinion, it’s worth every penny.

Where:11 Unity Street #01-03, Robertson Walk, Singapore 237995

Tel:+65 6836 2529

Hours:Daily: 6pm – 11:30pm

Masa Steak and Hamburg menu

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