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Neon Pigeon


Not your normalizakaya, Neon Pigeon has an ultra edgy vibe and reminds us of an underground eatery you might find in New York City (but really it’s nestled in Singapore’s Chinatown). Step inside and you’ll find low ceilings, lots of brick and concrete, and graffiti on the walls, plus a small kitchen helmed by Justin Hammond and his kitchen team who put out modernJapanese disheslike soft shell crab bao and duck liver okonomiyaki. It also has acool little barwhere you can quaff artsy Asian-inspired cocktails.

Why you should come here:

The vibe here is buzzing with most tables filled most nights of the week. This is the kind of place where you can come in on a Wednesday and act like it’s Friday, especially when the waiters walk around pouring sake into your mouth (ask for the sake throwbacks). Plus the food and drink menus are innovative and intriguing; the kitchen and bar totally deliver.

What we love:

We always have a great time here, whether we’re in for a few quick cocktails or making an evening of it. We suggest starting at the bar with a boozy creation like the Jap Ice Tea with gin, vodka, rum, Cointreau, yuzu beer and coke or the Taro San with vodka, pineapple infused sake, Bentianna, taro mix and coconut milk.

Foodwise, you’re definitely going to want to try some of the small plates like the roasted bone marrow with furikake seasoning, which comes with crispy garlic and toast for spreading, or the crispy smoked potatoes with herb ponzu, tangy mustard kimizu and togarashi. If you’re not into sharing, try the creamy bacon, egg & cheese rice or the smoked baby back ribs with sake barbecue sauce.

UJ Tidbit:

Set aside some time to chill here, as this is the kind of place where you can get into the groove and before you know it, it’s already late. We also suggest coming with a few friends so you can try a decent variety of the shared plates.


Cocktails run around the $18++ mark and the dishes range from about $8++ to $30++ per plate with the option of small or large portions for most of the dishes on the menu.

Neon Pigeon, 1 Keong Saik Road, The Working Capitol #01-03, 089109, t. 6222 3623. Open Mon – Sat: 6pm – midnight

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