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Qi House of Sichuan: One Michelin-Star Restaurant from Hong Kong Certainly Turns Up the Heat

Qi House of Sichuan
Qi House of Sichuan

Qi House of Sichuan

When it comes to spicy food, how much heat can you handle? We decided to put our taste buds to the test at Qi House of Sichuan, an intriguing new Sichuan spot that just opened in Marina Bay Financial Centre. Gastronomy geeks may recognize the name, as the original Qi in Hong Kong has earned aMichelin starevery year from 2016 to the present. The Singapore venue is offering up pretty much the exact same menu as the flagship, so you can expect innovative takes on Sichuan classics and a whole lot of spice going on.

Our experience:

Even though Qi is still pretty new, we heard that it gets pretty packed out at lunchtime, so we decided to hit up them up on a rainy weekday evening. A private lift took us up to the second floor where we entered the classy dining room done up in black and red. We were surprised to see that the space was nearly empty with only three other tables occupied, but that was fine with us because we were there to focus on the food.

We started with an order of the Bang Bang vegetarian wontons ($12++), which were doused in a flavourful peanut sauce that had just a bit of a spicy kick. And of course we had to try the famous chilli oil wontons ($12++) in a fiery sauce concocted with peppers imported from Sichuan. Turns out we can handle the heat because we absolutely loved the sauce and even used the leftover chilli oil to mix into our salt and pepper tofu ($15++) and fried rice ($25).

Would we go back?

Yes, deffo. Everything we tried was delish and our only regret was that there were only two of us, so we could only order so much. We reckon this is more of a lunch place than a dinner spot, because it’s a bit quiet after dark, so you probably won’t find a vibey atmosphere in the evening. If you do come for lunch, be sure to round up a group so you can order tons of stuff to share.

UJ Tidbit:

The food is super tasty, but definitely it spicy… even if you ask for mild. So if you’re a bit spice sensitive, don’t say we didn’t warn you.


The wontons range from $11++ to $13++ and mains start at $18++ and go all the way up to $115++. We’re sure you can find cheaper Sichuan around town, but this is a good bet if you want sichuan food in a nice setting.

Qi House of Sichuan, 8A Marina Boulevard, Marina Bay Link Mall #02-01, Singapore 018984. p. +65 6634 8277. Open daily 11:30am – 3pm, 6pm – 10pm

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