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Shinji by Kanesaka


Chef Shinji Kanesaka is no stranger to Michelin stars, as his original restaurant in Tokyo already has two under its belt. Now both of his Singapore ventures, Shinji by Kanesaka, have followed suit earning one Michelin star each, as well as a place on the World’s 50 Best Restaurants list. These sanctuaries of sushi are authentically Japanese from the wood and paper decor to the ridiculously fresh sashimi, nigiri and and maki rolls made with only the freshest and finest ingredients. Do yourself a favour and let the talented chefs work their magic with one of their divine omakase sets.

Why you should come here:

There is a reason many consider Shinji by Kanesaka the best Japanese sushi restaurant in the city. First of all, the atmosphere here is inviting and intimate with soft lighting, warm wood tones, and seating at the sushi bar where you can watch the chefs slice, dice and artfully prepare your meal. But most importantly, the chefs here really know what they’re doing, and they use only the purest ingredients they can get their hands on like melt-in-your-mouth chutoro (fatty tuna), tender grilled octopus and rich buttery monkfish liver.

What we love:

The service here is impeccable from the minute you walk in the door and throughout the meal. The chefs will explain each item as it comes out, and they’re happy to field any special requests you may have. If you want the true Japanese Edo-style sushi experience, go for the omakase set menu and let the chefs choose each course for you. More likely than not, they’ll blow you away with a decadent spread of delicacies prepared perfectly to enhance the pure flavours and textures of the fish.

UJ Tidbit:

Dining here is definitely not cheap, but it’s worth every dime. While they do have lunch sets on offer, we suggest coming here in the evening when you have time to spare so you can truly savour every course and relish the entire experience.


Lunch sets: $75 for 9 pieces of nigiri, $125 for 12 pieces, $180 for 15 pieces. Dinner sets: Omakase Shin $450, Omakase Wa $300, Edomae Sushi Set $220

Where: Carlton Hoteland The St. Regis Singapore

Hours:Mon – Sat: 12 to 3pm, 6pm – 10:30pm, Closed Sunday

Tel:+65 6338 6132

Visit Shinji by Kanesaka’s website

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