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THE SCOOP: Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants 2020

Odette Asia's 50 Best Restaurants 2020

It has been a difficult time for the restaurant industry, globally, but Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants decided to ahead with their ceremony, albeit virtually. William Drew, Director of Content of The World’s Best 50 Restaurants, led the online stream. He recognised it has been a very challenging time and stated…”So today is about supporting Asia. The list and awards aim to offer some small rays of positivity even in these dark days. So let’s keep our community connected, united and prepared for eventual recovery once the situation improves.”

Singapore had a total of seven restaurants on the list and Japan had the most with twelve. You can still catch the stream on Facebook. Congratulations to all the winners!

No.1 is Odettein Singapore

No.2 is大班樓 The Chairman Restaurantin Hong Kong, China

No.3 is Den in Tokyo, Japan

No.4 isBELONin Hong Kong, China

No.5 isBurnt Ends SGin Singapore

No.6 isSühringin Bangkok, Thailand

No.7 is Florilège in Tokyo, Japan

No.8 isLe Duin Bangkok, Thailand

No.9 is Narisawa in Tokyo, Japan

No.10 is La Cime in Osaka, Japan

No.11 is Les Amis Restaurantin Singapore

No.12 isVEA Restaurant & Loungein Hong Kong, China

No.13 isIndian Accentin New Delhi, India

No.14 is Mingles in Seoul, South Korea

No.15 isGaain Bangkok, Thailand

No.16 isSorn ศรณ์ศรณ์ in Bangkok, Thailand

No.17 is Il Ristorante Luca Fantin in Tokyo, Japan

No.18 isMUMEin Taipei, Taiwan

No.19 isNeighborhoodin Hong Kong, China

No.20 is Fu He Hui in Shanghai, China

No.21 is JAAN by Kirk Westawayin Singapore

No.22 is Wing Lei Palace in Macau, ChinaWynn Palace 永利皇宮

No.23 is Sichuan Moon in Macau, China

No.24 is Nihonryori RyuGin in Tokyo, Japan

No.25 is Seventh Son in Hong Kong, China

No.26 is JL Studio in Taichung, Taiwan

No.27 is TocToc in Seoul, South Korea

No.28 isZénin Singapore

No.29 is Sazenka in Tokyo, Japan

No.30 isMinistry Of Crabin Colombo, Sri Lanka

No.31 is Amber at The Landmark Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong

No.32 is8 ½ Otto e Mezzo BOMBANA HKHong Kong, China

No.33 is Lung King Heen in Hong Kong, China

No.34 is한식공간 hansikgongganin Seoul, South Korea

No.35 isOde オードin Tokyo, Japan

No.36 isRAWin Taipei, Taiwan

No.37 isRestaurant Locavorein Bali, Indonesia

No.38 isPaste Bangkok Thai Cuisinein Bangkok, Thailand

No.39 isBo.lanin Bangkok, Thailand

No.40 is La Maison de la Nature Goh in Fukuoka, Japan

No.41 is Ultraviolet by Paul Pairetin Shanghai China

No.42 is CORNER HOUSE – Singapore Botanic Gardensin Singapore

No.43 is 祥雲龍吟Ryuginin Taipei, Taiwan

No.44 is Toyo Eateryin Manila, Philippines

No.45 is Bukhara in New Delhi, India

No.46 is Sushi Saito in Tokyo, Japan

No.47 is80/20bkkin Bangkok, Thailand

No.48 is L’Effervescence in Tokyo, Japan

No.49 is Inua in Tokyo, Japan

No.50 is Nouri in Singapore, Singapore

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