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The sustainability movement is certainly picking up in Singapore with a rising number of sustainable products being developed, online stores that sell sustainably-made products, environmental justice rallies, green technology apps, and educational social media outlets. The timing could not be more perfect considering the widespread media attention to the climate crisis has been receiving, from the coverage of wildfires in Australia to Greta Thunberg’s Singapore’s got a wealth of individuals and businesses fighting climate change in wonderfully innovative ways, so keep on the lookout for them!


Capture will enable people to track, reduce, and remove their carbon footprint by providing carbon offsetting projects for people to invest in. GPS will track your mobility and generate a carbon footprint for you and also offer personalized tips on how to reduce your impact. Furthermore, it will give you the opportunity to invest in offsetting projects based in reforestation and green energy in Panama, Taiwan, and North America. Capture was born and raised at the Antler incubator in Singapore, a startup generator program, where the two founders, Josie Stoker and Abdul Aziz, met, formed a partnership, and developed their idea. If you’re interested in making better transportation choices for the environment or understanding your impact on the earth, this is the app for you. Available on Google Play and the App store!


Here are a few sustainable businesses in Singapore:

The Clean Attempt

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2020 is fast approaching. Are your new year resolutions set in place? Remember to add a few achievable eco-friendly goals to your list ✨ – Here are some suggestions from us: 1. We can’t remember the last time we’d purchased single use plastic water bottles. This year, bring out the Jason Momoa in you, which means plastic water bottles are inexcusable, even if you are Chris Pratt 🙅🏻‍♀🙅🏻‍♂ 2. Can’t do the vegan or vegetarian thing? Start with Meatless Mondays and up your game to four or five days out of the week. Beef 🐮 is especially harmful environmentally, so focusing on eating less red meat (which is typically recommended anyway) can be a good place to start. 3. Make your environment environmentally friendly. Prep your living space so that you can live low waste with ease. Easy access to recycle bin. ♻️ Visible switches to turn off power when not in use. Motion sensor lights. Compost bin within reach. Reusable bags and bottles always with you. – What are a few of your new year eco-lutions? 🌎 Screenshot and repost this photo with the resolutions you want to include for the coming year! Remember to tag us @thecleanattempt to share them with us!

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The Clean Attempt is an online shop that provides sustainable products, ranging from organic beauty care, razors, cutlery, straws, and eco-kits. Jacqueline Wong attributes her decision to launch a sustainable online shop to her desire to “make a positive change.” She started her low-waste journey after seeing an advertisement shared by a friend on Facebook that pointed out that every plastic toothbrush which has ever been used still exists on earth today. From there, she started to obsessively research about plastic waste and how it affects the environment, going on to design and develop homemade, sustainable products for all.

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Green is the New Black

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🇭🇰 HONG KONG: We're back. 18th and 19th April. You. Me. EVERYBODY. If you've felt the twinge of eco-anxiety, the paralysis of disempowerment, or are a little lost trying to navigate your way through sustainability – we’re right there with you.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ♡ The Conscious Festival is a space that encourages open dialogue, connection, community and growth. If you want to stay alive and make the world a better place for generations to come, join us and elevate your consciousness to the next level. You can expect to hear from leaders in their fields, meet inspiring business owners changing the game, and walk away armed with #LittleGreenSteps that will carry you forward in your journey towards a more sustainable life. ♡⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ WE'RE LOOKING FOR #conscious VOLUNTEERS + BRANDS WHO WANT TO GET ON BOARD WITH OUR FESTIVAL! If that sounds like you, send a dm our way and we'll be in touch with you shortly. 📥 📸: @alexmacrophotographer + design by @natsdesign

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Green is the New Black is Singapore’s premiere online media collaborative, essentially a guide to conscious living, with information about sustainable products and practices, issues of the environment, climate activism, and news about the climate crisis. This sustainable outlet has also created the first conscious festival in Asia that hosts green innovators in Asia. Founder of GITNB is Stephanie Dickson, one of our most interesting Urban Insiders. Want to know how to conscious on a daily basis? This is the media outlet for you.

The Green Collective

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Doors, thresholds and portals!

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Singapore’s first green collective offering a wide selection of eco-friendly and socially conscious items from zero waste options to organic beauty products and sustainable fashion. 40 homegrown eco-brands have teamed up to launch a multi-brand concept collective at Funan. There are a number of sustainable, eco and socially conscious products available for shoppers who are interested in leading a more sustainable lifestyle.

107 North Bridge Road, Funan, #02-18, Singapore

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The Sustainability Project

The Sustainability Project is a Singapore-based business which aims to encourage and inspire the adoption of low or zero waste lifestyle in your life. They have an extremely informative educational blog that shares tips about leading a sustainable lifestyle and starts conversations with other green business owners. Their shop, opened in 2018, provides consumers with a wide range of sustainable products that are of high quality and affordably priced.

Serene Centre, 10 Jalan Serene, #02-5A, 258748 Singapore

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Souley Green

An online store also based out of Singapore, Souley Green features vegan and cruelty-free products that are meticulously sourced around the globe to meet the needs of the conscious consumer–ranging from food to beauty, household products, and many more. They raise awareness of ethical companies, groundbreakers, and activists to educate consumers on living a more sustainable lifestyle.

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“On the 10th day of Christmas my barePack cafe gave to me. Ten tasty soups.” There’s nothing quite like wholesome and heartwarming soups over the Christmas season! 🎄 zero waste tip: leftover vegetables from Christmas dinner and season gatherings are perfect for turning into really rich soups! They’re already cooked meaning you speed up the time needed over the stove and are already rich in flavours just blend them all, add a little soy milk/water and pop over the stove. . . . —————— 🥣 🎄 🎃 —————— . BarePack. Takeaway the planet loves. . . ~ the bare pack @barepack.co . . #barepackmytakeaway #takeout #reuse #foodie #barepacktozerowaste #barepackfriend #barepackpartner #takeouttheplanetloves #BYO #reducereuserecycle #takeaway #circulareconomy #zerowastesingapore #zerowastesg #plasticfreeocean #eco #zerowaste #barePackco #ecoapp #carbonfootprint #christmas #ecochristmas #comfortfood #healthylunch #pumpkinsoup #soup #souperstar

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barePack is a reusable container lending system for zero-waste takeaway and is the world’s only service to offer a deposit-free membership. Their mission is to end the use of disposables, replacing them with reusables that save our planet and future without compromising on convenience. How does it work? You can look for their QR code at a partner cafe/restaurant and scan when placing your order. Then, you can visit any partner in the network, scan the drop-off QR code and return your empty items.If your office supports barePack, you can return to the office collection bin.

The Hive Carpenter, 36 Carpenter St, Level 3, 059915 Singapore

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