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Local Charities That Need Help During the Coronavirus Pandemic


If you are looking to help out during the COVID-19 crisis, please take note of some local charities you can donate to. Help these non-profits make sure their communities can make it through this pandemic safely, even if all you can do is donate and share this page.

AWARE Singapore

Singapore’s leading gender equality group which is created for women, by women. Donate to AWARE if you believe gender equality as a human right and want to support.

Their Women’s Helpline and Sexual Assault Care Centre, which support all women in crisis with counselling, support groups and legal clinics. Domestic violence is known to rise during times of crisis when individuals are forced to stay at home with their abusive partners. With your help, they can step up our capacity to meet the surge in demand.

Their S.H.E. Project Shelter provides 10 low-income single mothers and their children with up to 2 years of free, stable housing. You can help by ensuring that these families continue to have stable housing through the outbreak.

Research and Advocacy work, which carries the voices of the underserved to those who can enact change. Help continue taking our findings of how the crisis affects the most vulnerable to the government and other stakeholders to create lasting change.

Care Corner Singapore

Care Corner Singapore helps the poor and vulnerable live more filling lives. You can help by packing and distributing care packs to identified vulnerable seniors, cleaning and disinfecting their homes, food packing and transporting of items and more.

Daughter’s of Tomorrow

DOT’s programs help women discover their strengths, build their confidence and prepare them for the modern workplace. If you are able to support in developing an online training program or becoming virtual mentors, hiring their women, providing financial/ practical resources or any other assistance, do get in touch at [email protected]. You can also help a woman feed her family. Donate now to empower her towards financial independence and food security.

Engineering Good

Engineering Good is putting together/fixing old laptops for those who cannot afford one of their own. With all of Singapore now required to practice social distancing and turn to Home Based Learning, laptops and computers are in high demand. Donate laptops, accessories, cash and/or volunteer.

Food Bank Singapore

Help give the needy a hearty meal. Here’s how you can help:

1. Food Drive Singapore collects all kinds of non-perishable food items that are at least one week before expiry from the date they receive it. You can also head over to our warehouse to help sort, pack, and take down the inventory details.

2. Joy in Every Bundle If you have the budget, you may consider purchasing Food Bundles. If you would like to do a door-to-door distribution, we can connect your team with one of our beneficiary centres to physically distribute the food bundles to the needy families on the same day.

3. Volunteering at our warehouse: Spend a few hours at our warehouse to help us out with inventory taking, sorting and packing food donations that we received.

4. Food Rescue Project The Food Rescue Programme is The Food Bank Singapore’s initiative to salvage excess cooked foods from F&B establishments.

5. Adopt a Bank Box Adopt a bank box (large or small) that can be placed in your office/home to encourage a long term food drive.

Food from the Heart Singapore

Food is a daily need; help us be a stable source of food for those who need it, for as long as they need it. Your donation will go towards operations and support our beneficiaries with safe-to-eat food, delivered in a timely and sustained manner.


Donate to the Migrant Health Relief Fund via Healthserve. Their mission is to advocate for and raise awareness of the needs of migrant workers.

HOME Shelter

Your donation can help rebuild the lives, and restore the dignity of some of the most vulnerable members of our society. Funds will go into supporting the migrant community with dental treatment, basic medical, skills training, HOME shelter and housing, food, travel and expense for a migrant worker in distress for a month. They are also accepting essentials like toothpaste, shower items, hygiene products, rice, oil and pasta.

Its Raining Raincoats

Itsrainingraincoats is organising a Data Card Drive to support migrant workers in isolation and to keep them safe indoors. Here’s how you can donate.

Ray of Hope

Buy a meal for a needy elderly staying at the rental estates. Most of them have no kin or friends visiting them and live very humble lifestyles. Each meal costs $3 and we are aiming to provide both lunch and dinner right to their doorstep so that they minimise the risk of infection by going out. Now that most people will be working from home, the neighbourhood eateries may be more crowded and this puts the elderly at risk if they have to go out to buy food.

Second Meal

A humble hawker meal costs you around $3. For most of us, we don’t feel the pinch and we can easily afford to treat a friend to a meal. So why not buy a meal for someone in need today? Just head to their website and make your donation.

Singapore Sidecar Food Aid

Donate food to Frontline workers such as biscuits, chocolates, instant noodles, packs of milo, tea and coffee. They are also looking for donations of hot meals.

Transient Workers Count Too

Your donation will help us top up the SIM cards of workers who reach out to us for assistance. TWC2 has setup a WhatsApp helpline to provide migrant workers with casework assistance. A fully functional prepaid line with incoming/outgoing calls enabled and a subscribed data plan is essential for these workers to keep in touch with them. Your donation will go towards TWC2’s unrestricted funds, which would allow us to provide direct services such as performing prepaid phone top-ups and even EZ-link card top-ups for workers to make trips to MOM / the hospital (a typical journey from a dorm in Tuas would cost at least $3 one way).

Willing Hearts

Willing Hearts operates a soup kitchen 365 days a year, that prepares, cooks and distributes about 6,000 daily meals to the needy in Singapore. Willing Hearts continue to cook and deliver food to needy families during this period with heightened safe distancing measures.

Homeless Hearts of Singapore

First-responders and befrienders who connect with homeless people from all walks of life to help journey with them to find safe places to stay so that they can connect back to the community and also get their needs met – be it food or friendship or counselling or financial assistance or long-term shelter, etc. They aim to partner and help support the efforts of other groups who are helping the homeless too.

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