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6 Free Meditation Apps

Best Free Meditation Apps

Stay calm for the collective good is what we say! We are in pretty unnerving times but we feel meditation has been helping us relieve our anxiety. We’ve rounded up six free apps that may help you on your meditation journey.

Insight Timer

Available for iOS and Android

25,000 mediations are available on this app and they are entirely free! Just navigate around the subscription screen and you will get access to meditations from over 3,000 teachers covering all kinds of topics.


Available for iOS and Android

This is one of our favourite mediation apps. Headspace is offering some of their meditations for free during this period. It includes meditations, sleep, and movement exercises. Download the app and get access to these.

Smiling Mind

Available for iOS, Android and Web

This app offers up hundreds of meditations (and not thousands) so you won’t be too overwhelmed when choosing. Meditations range from five to fifteen minutes and fall under Mindful Foundations, Sleep, Relationships and Workplace.


Available for iOS, Android and Web

The free version of the app includes timed meditation options, day 1 of their multi day meditation programs and sleep story titled Blue Gold. Sleep more. Stressless. Live better.

UCLA Mindful

Available for iOS and Android

Choose from dozens of meditations on this app. Focus on your breath, cultivate loving kindness, work with difficult emotions and more. Apps range from 3 to 19 minutes and they also offer longer 30 minute podcasts.

Stop, Breathe & Think

Available for iOS and Android

This app features around 30 free meditations. Most are around 11 minutes and are based on how you’re feeling. Once you login to the app, you are asked to rate your mind and then the app will offer up meditations based on that.

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