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Meatsmith Little India

The new Meatsmith Little India recently made our New Restaurant Intel list, and for good reason. This hip new spot in Singapore is the sister restaurant of Meatsmith in Telok Ayer, and it takes the same concept of American-style BBQ with smoked and grilled meats, but adds a touch of inspiration from its neighbourhood with a tandoori oven, spit roaster and Indian rubs, spices, and sauces.


Why you should come here:

The food is absolutely the biggest draw here; it’s innovative, intriguing, and bursting with flavour. Chefs Andrew Baldus and Manogren Murugan Thevar have put together a delightful menu of meat-centric, Indian-inspired small plates and heartier mains, all of which are designed to be shared. You can also grab Indian wines, whisky, and cocktails as well as Meatsmith Little India bites at Rogue Trader, the no-frills bar upstairs. Don’t expect anything fancy in terms of the decor. But hey—you’re mainly here for the succulent grilled meats and great Indian flavours anyways, right?


What we love:

We were blown away by the modern twist on Indian food; the flavours were familiar, yet presented in a completely new way, and the meats melted in our mouths.

The night we visited, we came with a group of 15 people and managed to snag a spot in Rogue Trader on the third floor. The room had comfy couches and high bar tables, and even though we were technically in the bar, we were able to order everything from the Meatsmith Little India menu, which was a definite bonus.

First up, the butter chicken hot pockets ($10 for two wings) were absolutely divine. They took chicken wings and removed the meat and bones, then stuffed the meat back in the skins along with paneer cheese, deep fried them, put them under a tandoori oven, and served them piping hot and tender with a butter chicken dipping sauce. Absolute heaven.

The Madras pork cheeks ($8) were another winner. They were rubbed with spiced lentils, then crisped up on the outside, leaving the meat melt-in-your-mouth tender on the inside. These were served with a kicky madras mustard sauce. Other dishes that stood out for us included the currywurst sausage, lamb chops and tandoori chicken ($18).

The biryani stuffed suckling pig ($48) came stuffed with aromatic biryani rice and was served with a curry sauce; it all sounded a little too modern for us to get on-board with at first. However, after trying it, we would definitely go back for this in a heartbeat.


UJ Tip:

The restaurant on the ground floor is not air conditioned, so it may get a little bit hot depending on the weather. If you find it a bit too warm, we suggest heading up to Rogue Trader and grabbing a table there, as you can get the same great food in slightly cooler environs. Also be sure to try some of their Indian-inspired cocktails.


Meatsmith Little India, 21 Campbell Lane, Singapore 209894. p. +65 9625 9056. Open Wed - Fri 5pm - 11:30pm, Sat - Sun 11:30am - 11:30pm

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