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ROBERTSON QUAY - Located in The Warehouse Hotel, newcomer Po is a joint venture between Chef Willin Low (formerly of Wild Rocket) and The Lo & Behold Group, and it offers a fresh modern take on Singaporean comfort food. The name is a reference to the word popo, meaning grandmother in Mandarin, as well as their signature dish, the classic popiah. If you’re looking for elevated versions of Singapore favourites in a buzzy setting, Po’s go you covered.


Why you should come here:

Chef Willin and his team use only premium ingredients and prepare each dish by hand to ensure that the flavours pop and the textures are spot on. Think Iberico pork marinated in spices for 12 hours and then cooked over charcoal to create a smoky satay, or fine wheat noodles in a rich shark bone and pig trotter broth topped with Maine lobster tail and fresh fish maw.


What we love:

We started out with drinks at The Warehouse Hotel lobby bar, which featured low seating, dim lights and good music, plus an innovative drink menu with cocktails inspired by different time periods from the spice trade times up to the disco era. The service was good, and they have a decent menu of bar snacks. We loved the super tender Charcoal-Grilled Iberico Satay and the crispy Squid Ink Calamari with salted duck egg sauce.

Moving into Po for our main meal, we had to start with the Popiah of course. It’s fun because it’s an interactive dish where they give you all the ingredients so you can make your own wraps out of a rich pork and shrimp filling and toppings like bean sprouts, crispy flatfish, peanuts and housemade chili sauce. The Paper Spring Chicken was another favourite, as it was unwrapped piping hot and fresh right at the table. The Spicy Tamarind Barramundi also deserves a mention, as it had the tangy curry dressing had some serious KICK.

We really did love the experience overall, which made for a really enjoyable Wednesday night. The restaurant was busy, which was good because we always love a resto with a vibe, the service was professional and the food was fresh. Plus, the wine prices were very reasonable in the end.


UJ Tidbit:

Coming to The Warehouse Hotel makes for a great evening because it’s quite a trendy spot that’s definitely worth checking out. If you have some visitors in town, this is a good place to take them to taste mod-Sin food in a buzzy environment.



After sharing a couple of dishes and a two bottles of wine between the four of us, we were pleasantly satisfied and spent about $80++ each.


The Warehouse Hotel

320 Havelock Road

Tel: +65 6828 0007

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