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Good ol’ BBQ, there’s nothing better than the smoky taste of grilled meats and the tang of a good BBQ sauce. But the smoke tends to linger on your clothes and in your hair, the waiting for the food can be agonizing, and the crazy rush to get to the food before it gets snapped up by your mates can make throwing a backyard BBQ party a pain.

But you won’t get that at Smokey’s. No, at Smokey’s, someone else does the BBQ-ing, someone else brings your food to you, and best of all, someone else makes sure that your food has that distinctive smoky taste to it, which is what draws you to the grill in the first place.

Eating at Smokey’s is almost like being at a good friend’s backyard BBQ. Always buzzing with activity due to the constant stream of customers coming in, it always seems to have a relaxed party vibe. Outside, there are inviting tables decked out with enormous umbrellas, and only the bar is covered, so you really get that outdoor experience. The only thing missing is the BBQ pit, but we think that may be a good thing, so the smoke doesn’t overwhelm you and make you smell like burnt chow.

For starters, we tend to go light. Pfft, yeah right. Who are we kidding? When it comes to BBQ, nothing is light. Try theBuffalo Wings (starting at $10 for 6 wings), served with a simply irresistable homemade blue cheese dressing, mmmhmmm! Also try theHush Puppies ($6), delicious and filling fried corn bread.


We also can’t rave enough about thePulled Pork Sandwich ($15). Drenched in an awesome BBQ-sauce, the pork is tender, and every bite just bursts with rich flavors. Definitely a favorite of ours, just behind theSt. Louis Ribs.


Yes, theSt.Louis Ribs (Half $ 25, Full $48). Brilliantly marinated with a tangy BBQ-sauce and seasoned with Smokey’s special secret ingredients, this dish tops the list for us. The portions are huge, so they can be shared with friends. Alternatively, you can take any leftovers home and enjoy them over the next couple of days, although it’s highly unlikely that they will last long, as the succulent meat and tantalising sauce will have you going back for more. TheBaby Back Ribs (Half $25, Full $33)are also worth a try.

What We Love

The fact that we get to mow down on delicious BBQ food without smelling like a cookout. Also, having a laid-back place to chill outside with good friends is a great incentive. The St.Louis ribs are a must-have, especially in a group.

Suggested for

People who want to have a chilled meal in an open-air setting, and those who have an appetite for backyard BBQ-style food. For those who can’t be bothered to barbecue at home, this is the place to be.


73 Joo Chiat Pl
Singapore 427790

Tel: +65 63456914

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