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Master that Dream Skill with these Online Courses: Cooking, Acting, Writing & more!


Spending more time at home? This may be the perfect time to enhance and/or build some hobbies or skills that you’ve been wanting to work on. We’re talking cooking, singing, piano or perhaps even develop a green thumb you thought you’ve always had. Check out these courses where you can learn all the above and more (and read more here)


Learn from the best in the world. Your favourite actors, singers, writers, editors and more including Anna Wintour, Gordon Ramsay, Martin Scorsese, Wolfgang Puck, Christina Aguilera will all be available on demand in your living room. Indulge in over 80+ classes from the masters, with 20 classes in each lesson – classes go for about 10 minutes each.

Price: Limited time offer, share one membership between two at USD 180 (all access pass)

The Sill

Do you have a green thumb that needs to be developed? The Sill is offering up some live stream planting courses including Spring Plant Care Online workshop and Plants 101 Online Workshop.

Price: USD 10/class

Cooking classes with Udemy

They’ve got 65,000 courses available on Udemy in a variety of subjects but those of you who want to up the ante on your cooking schools, they’ve got a variety – from cooking eggs to how to make craft beer at home and so much in between.

Price: Courses start at USD 16.99


Learn a language for free anywhere, anytime. Learn to read, write, listen and speak on this app. With gamification involved, it makes learning a language that much more fun.

Price: Free

Piano Lessons with Flowkey

This app is for beginners, learners and advance players. Learn from renowned teachers and pianists and play songs with interactive live feedback.

Price: Free

Experience Learning Videos in VR

Pop on your VR headsets and explore a variety of worlds! Experience Komodo Dragons, Great White Sharks, Mexico’s Moncarch Butterfly Migration and so much more which are all accessible via YouTube Learning.

Price: Free

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