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10 Best Rum Tours in the Caribbean

Westerhall Estate Rum Distillery Tour - rum tours in the caribbean

Did you know that the majority of the rum used in the world is produced in the Caribbean using centuries-old methods? In fact, the Caribbean has a rich rum-making history. If you’re a rum-drinker, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 best rum tours in the Caribbean where you can learn about the history, heritage and rum at some of the finest rum distilleries in the world.

Mount Gay Rum Distillery Tour (Bridgetown, Barbados)

Mount Gay Rum Distillery TourThis distillery has been operational since 1703 and is the world’s oldest rum production facility. That’s over 300 years of rum-making. Fascinating, isn’t it? When you tour this facility, the guide walks you through the history and step-by-step process of rum making. From extracting sugar cane juice to blending and botting of rum, you’ll learn all the details and ingredients involved in the process of rum production.

While on tour, you’ll get wafts of sweet molasses, which will make your mouth water. You’ll also get to witness the original stone well, fermentation tanks and copper pot stills that have been passed down through generations. After completing the Mount Gay rum tour, you get to satisfy your tastebuds with their award-winning rums like:

  • Smooth Eclipse
  • Fiery 1703
  • Rum Punch

You can also enroll in their cocktail workshops if you want to become a pro at mixing drinks. Simply put: If you’re visiting Barbados, you won’t want to miss the Mount Gay rum tour!

Tour Duration:

The tour will approximately last 3 hours.

Appleton Estate Rum Tour (Nassau Valley, Jamaica)

Jamaica is home to smooth, flavorful rums and Appleton Estate has lived up to that standard, crafting top-shelf elixirs since 1749. An Appleton rum tour in Jamaica will take you back in time, allowing you to experience a joyful journey through history and heritage.

Your adventure to this distillery will begin with a welcome cocktail at their air-conditioned and comfy visitor center. You will then see a short movie explaining the rich history of rum and Appleton Estate. After the movie, your guide will walk you through the gorgeously landscaped grounds. There, you will breathe the sugary aroma of molasses while touring the active distillery and aging warehouse. At each stop, your guide will break down the process from harvested cane to aged barrel so you can truly appreciate the care put into every bottle.

The tour will end with a guided rum-tasting session where you’ll try three of Appleton’s finest rums. They also have a gift shop in their facility from where you can take home Appleton’s limited edition rums. All of this combined make it one of the best rum tours in the Caribbean.

Tour Duration:

The tour lasts for about 1-1.5 hours.

Brugal Rum Factory Tour (Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic)

Brugal Rum Factory TourBurgal rum has been a treat for the tastebuds of rum lovers since 1888. You’ll see tradition meeting innovation when you take a tour of their Puerto Plata rum factory in Dominican Republic.

From the harvesting of sugarcane to aged rum resting in oak casks, you’ll witness the care that goes into making world-class rum. If you’re lucky, you may get to chat with Jassil Villanueva, who is associated with a long lineage of Brugal family rum-makers. She’ll spill the beans about their unique cask toasting methods that give Brugal rum its special world-famous flavor. You will then proceed to the most exciting part of your tour – the tasting! They will provide you with several Brugal rum samples so you can get an idea of how flavors transform during rum aging.

Tour Duration:

The tour will approximately last 30-40 minutes.

West Indies Rum Distillery Tour (Barbados)

West Indies Rum Distillery TourTwo German entrepreneurs laid the foundation of this rum distillery in 1893. But now, it is proudly Barbadian-owned, and they’ve perfected the craft of rum-making over the last 130 years. This Barbados rum tour is unique because here, you’ll see the rum production process then versus now and historic production methods versus modern rum techniques. While touring, you’ll come across the original 19th-century pot stills puffing away next to modern column stills. You’ll get insight into how the distillation methods have evolved over the decades.

When it comes to tasting, you can taste both sample pot and column still rums to experience subtleties in flavor.

Tour Duration:

Not mentioned.

St. Lucia Distillers Tour (St. Lucia)

St. Lucia Distillers TourIf you want to taste rum blending ancient techniques with modern innovation, the St. Lucia Distillers tour should be on your list. Their facility is located between lush rainforests, enough to capture your attention towards the art and science of elixir production. Your guide will walk you through the challenges of making rum on a volcanic island. Learn about how moisture, soil, elevation, and other environmental factors influence sugarcane growth and flavor. While meandering the distillery and enjoying the view, sniff spices like citrus, vanilla, and cocoa that are used in certain rums.

Take a look behind the scenes about how highly-rated bottles like Chairman’s Reserve get processed.

And not just see, but taste it as well before wrapping up your tour here.

Tour Duration:

The tour will approximately last for about an hour.

Westerhall Estate Rum Distillery Tour (Grenada)

Westerhall Estate Rum Distillery Tour

Using island spices and traditional methods, Westerhall Estate has been handcrafting tasty rums in Grenada since the early 1900s. On your tour of the picturesque grounds and distillery, get to learn about the traditional methods still very much in use today. Taste Westerhall Estate’s award-winning blends to wrap up your tour.

Tour Duration:

The tour lasts for about 2-4 hours.

English Harbour Rum Distillery Tour (Antigua)

English Harbour Rum Distillery Tour (Antigua)

Image credit: DepositPhotos

Wander through the mesmerizing botanical gardens and learn how ingredients mixed together lay the foundation of elite English Harbour rum. Chat with craft distillers and blenders to learn the secrets behind the iconic English Harbour 5-year. On your tour, you don’t just witness rum made, you taste the heart of Antigua in every sip when you try the rums.

Tour Duration:

The tour lasts for about an hour.

Clément Rum Distillery Tour (Martinique)

Clément Rum Distillery TourWhen you visit the 1887 plantation distillery, you’ll learn about Rhum Agricole, the fame of Martinique. You’ll get to take a first hand look at how freshly extracted sugarcane juice becomes smooth-aged rum as your guide walks you through the nitty gritty of rum formation. Then, enjoy an exclusive tasting of Clément’s most iconic rums – rare vintage bottles some guests travel halfway around the world to experience!

Tour Duration:

The tour lasts for about 1.5-2 hours.

Rhum Barbancourt – Haiti

Rhum Barbancourt - HaitiJust minutes from Port-au-Prince, you’ll get to visit the state-of-the-art distillery and taste legendary rum at Rhum Barbancourt. Witness the whole process first-hand, from sugar cane plot to aged barrel. Then, taste the sweet fruitiness that makes Barbancourt’s rums one of a kind.

Tour Duration:

The tour lasts for about 2 hours.

St. Nicholas Abbey – Barbados

If you’re a history buff with a passion for rum, you’ll love the St. Nicholas Abbey Barbados rum tour. Dive into the Victorian factory’s fascinating past while chatting with your guide about the rich rum history. When tasting rum, experience the viscous texture and appreciate the sweet notes. You can also book a private rum experience in this distillery with the owner, Larry Warren.

Tour Duration:

The tour lasts for about 2-3 hours.

Take a Sip Into Rum Culture With These Rum Tours in The Caribbean

Taking these rum tours in the Caribbean will surely leave you with a newfound love and appreciation for rum. Return home with a deeper understanding of the Caribbean’s iconic spirit.

Happy touring!

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