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F45: Functional Gym Training


Originally from Australia, F45 is a chain of fitness studios that are winning fans around the world for their unique high-intensity, circuit training workouts that combine interval, cardiovascular and strength training exercises that have been proven to be most effective for burning fat and building lean muscle. Each class clocks in at just 45 minutes total, and every day there is a different workout to choose from.

Why you should come here:

First of all, there are tons of studios all over Singapore, so it’s easy to get in a quick workout regardless of where you live or work. Moreover, each day they offer one of 27 workouts at different times throughout the day, and there are more workouts currently in development, so the chances of you doing the same workout twice are pretty slim. Finally, the instructors are super friendly and charismatic, and they make it their mission to keep you motivated and striving for your best.

Why we love it:

The workouts are tons of fun with great music and a range of exercises that could include jumping, squatting, twisting, kicking and lifting. One thing is for sure, the endorphins definitely kick in during each session. We also love how convenient it is. You just head straight in (no need to tap in with a card or anything), do your workout, shower and head out the door, all in about an hour.

UJ Tidbit:

They now have 18 locations all over Singapore, so you’re sure to find a location that is perfect for you. They’re also currently offering a fab free two-week trial pass.

F45, 18 locations through Singapore

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