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UFIT: Singapore’s Largest Boutique Fitness Company


If you’ve ever come across a group of fitness fanatics running up Fort Canning Hill, doing push-ups in the Botanic Gardens or doing jump lunges in Bishan Park, chances are they’re part of a UFIT group. UFIT started as a casual fitness boot camp in 2008, but over the years it has grown into Singapore’s biggest boutique fitness company with over 80 outdoor boot camps a week, five gyms, and a wide range of nutrition programmes and challenges.

Why you should try them:

Whether you’re looking to slim down, beef up or a combination of the two, UFIT has you covered. From the beginning they aimed for a holistic approach with a focus on physiotherapy, nutrition and fitness, high quality training by passionate professionals, and personalised service, so you really get the whole package with sessions that are dynamic and fun, and most importantly safe and super effective.

What we love:

UFIT is a totally different model than your run-of-the-mill gym as use nothing more than your own strength and stamina for your workouts. They also offer great bootcamps outdoors and also have two physio clinics. The group aspect is also great, as you find yourself among like-minded people all trying to achieve their fitness goals, so there’s a real sense of mutual support and motivation. Plus the instructors really know what they’re doing and they do an excellent job of encouraging trainees to go the extra mile.

UJ Tidbit:

Be sure to check out the various classes on the UFIT website, as they have tons of options including obstacle training, running sessions, boxing classes, yoga and rugby conditioning games. And if you really want to immerse yourself in a healthy lifestyle, try their Clean & Lean nutrition challenge or join one of their fitness retreats in an exotic locale like Bali or Thailand.

Tel:+65 6225 5059

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