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The Ultimate Guide to Caribbean Carnival 2024

Carnival Trinidad and Tobago - woman in costume

Carnival…just the word brings to mind vivid costumes, exuberant dance music, and off-the-hook street parties and parades. While many people associate Carnival with Rio de Janeiro or Venice, the Caribbean islands also go all out when it comes to this fantastic celebration of traditions, culture and community. 

If you’re planning a trip to the islands, we highly suggest timing it around Caribbean Carnival because it’s something everyone should experience at least once. Join us as we embark on a journey through the different islands that celebrate Carnival in various months, each offering its own distinct flavor and traditions. So if you’re already planning your vacation days next here, here’s a rundown of Caribbean Carnival 2024 and when it happens on the different islands.


History of Carnival in the Caribbean 

Carnival’s roots dig deep, tracing back to ancient Greece and Rome, where it all kicked off with pagan celebrations filled with music, dance, and wild revelries. When Christianity stepped into the picture, Carnival was reshaped, becoming the prelude to the Lenten season – a final feast before the fast. It was the medieval Europeans who really amped up the structure and flair, with the Venice Carnival setting the gold standard in masquerade grandeur. 

As these traditions swept across the world, they found new life in the Caribbean. Influenced by African and indigenous cultures thanks to colonization and the transatlantic slave trade, Carnival morphed into a vivacious mix of music, dance, and masquerade. Today, each region puts its unique spin on the celebrations, reflecting their distinctive culture, making Carnival a global party like no other. Trust us, you want to add this to your bucket list!


What is Caribbean Carnival?

Alright, so what is Carnival in the Caribbean? Picture this: a kaleidoscope of extravagant costumes, soul-shaking beats that make your feet tap on their own, and street parties that feel more like joyous explosions. Yes, that’s Carnival for you, a high-energy spectacle that’s all about tradition, culture, human connection, and having an absolute blast.


When and Where to Experience Caribbean Carnival in 2024



September 30 2023 – October 8 2023

Miami Carnival in in its 39th year and its happening in October. Inspired by Carnival in Brazil and Trinidad, you know you’re going to be in for a party. Festivities take place in Broward and Miami-Dade counties. They begin on September 30 and finish off on October 8 with the Miami Carnival Parade and Concert. Expect revelers to be dressed up in costumes, sounds of Soca music and steel pan and so much more.

Head to Miami Carnival for more info



November 11 2023 – February 22 2024

Buckle up, party people, because when it comes to throwing a carnival, the Dutch Caribbean island of Aruba doesn’t just dip its toes in the water – it cannonballs straight in. We’re talking about ‘Carnival Aruba’, a months-long festival that features spirited parades, costumes with feathers and sequins and electrifying music. Carnival Aruba draws party-goers from all corners of the Caribbean and beyond, resulting in a global celebration that’s as international as it gets. Carnival in Aruba starts in November, but the main parties and festivals happen in January and February.

Head to VisitAruba.com for more info



Jan 28, 2024 – Feb 14, 2024

When the calendar flips to the New Year, it’s party time on the Dutch Caribbean island of Curaçao. This rager showcases the hypnotic rhythms of ‘Tumba’ music that are so infectious, you’ll be grooving to the beat before you know it. Then there are the energetic street parades and costumes that are works of art with stunning details and eye-popping color.  The grand finale, or the ‘Gran Marcha’ as it’s known, is the icing on this Carnival cake. 

Visit Curacao Carnival for more info 


Trinidad and Tobago:

February 11, 2024 – February 17, 2024

Carnival Trinidad and Tobago - woman in costume

Trinidad and Tobago in the southern Caribbean sets the stage for an unforgettable celebration. Known as the “Mother of all Carnivals,” Trinidad’s carnival features vibrant soca music, steel pan bands, and dazzling masquerade costumes known as “mas.” Locals and tourists alike participate in the energetic street parades, where contagious calypso music that fills the air. Carnival usually kicks off just after Christmas and continues through February.

Learn more at Visit Trinidad



February 12 – 14, 2024

Also in February, the neighboring island of Guadeloupe turns into the ultimate party hub with its ‘Carnaval de Guadeloupe’. Get ready for a splash of color and culture like you’ve never seen before. Think popping street parties and brilliant costumes set to the infectious beats of zouk and gwo ka. The festivities are a living tribute to the island’s rich culture and a high-five to the resilience of its people.  Festivities begin in January and end in February.

Visit Guadaloupe Islands for more info



Feb 12, 2024 – Feb 13, 2024

In the heart of the Eastern Caribbean, the mountainous island of Dominica bursts into life with the vibrant rhythms of ‘Mas Domnik,’ their own take on Carnival. This isn’t just any celebration. Mas Domnik blends vibrant African and Creole traditions to serve up a fabulous fiesta that includes masqueraders decked out in elaborate costumes, getting their groove on to the intoxicating beats of bouyon, soca, and calypso.



February 12, 2024 – February 14, 2024

Imagine being on the French Caribbean gem, Martinique, in the midst of their dazzling ‘Carnaval de Martinique’. This isn’t your everyday carnival – it’s a vibrant explosion of African, French, and Caribbean traditions that will knock your flip-flops off. Picture animated parades that make Mardi Gras seem like a quiet stroll in the park, traditional Creole music that’ll have your feet itching to dance, and spectacular ‘Bèlè’ costumes. Martinique’s Carnaval is renowned for its unique jumble of cultural heritage and creative expression. It usually happens in February or early March.

Visit Airlocal Martinique for more info



April 3, 2024 – April 9 2024

Now let’s talk Jamaica, baby! They might be the new kids on the Carnival block, but boy, have they made a splash. “Bacchanal Jamaica” is the main event, and trust us, it’s got ‘massive party’ written all over it. This month-long fiesta features a mashup of legendary reggae, infectious dancehall, and soul-stirring soca. During this time, the streets of Kingston and Montego Bay transform into a vibrant sea of revelers decked out in some serious costumes.

Head to VisitJamaica.com for more info



April 28, 2024 (unofficial date)

The Bahamas Carnival is Nassau’s biggest party and well worth planning your trip around. Not to be confused with Junkanoo Festival, this celebration of culture and color takes place for three days in May and includes live music, parades, dance parties and more. The Road March makes its way through the city streets and draws in revelers with its electrifying energy. Join the party and experience beautiful costumes, rhythmic reggae and soca beats, and a whole lot of dancing.

Visit The Official Website of the Bahamas for more info


Saint Lucia

July 10, 2024 – July 17, 2024

The Eastern Caribbean island of Saint Lucia hosts its carnival, “Lucian Carnival,” in August. With a blend of African, French, and Caribbean influences, this festival showcases pulsating soca and calypso music, energetic street dances, and colorful costumes. The festivities include the “Calypso Monarch” competition and the grand parade known as “Carnival Tuesday.”

Visit Saint Lucia Tourism Authority for more info


Antigua and Barbuda

July 26, 2024 – Aug 6, 2024

Fast forward to July and it’s time to set your compass for the sun-soaked twin-island paradise of Antigua and Barbuda. The Antigua Carnival is one for the books. Imagine sashaying through the lively streets amidst an electrifying parade of colorful pageantry, and getting your groove on to the intoxicating rhythm of calypso. Antigua Carnival is more than just a festival, it’s an island-wide party that’ll have you, locals, and fellow travelers alike dancing until the break of dawn. 

Visit Antigua Carnival for more info



Aug 3, 2024 – Aug 9, 2024

Barbados, the birthplace of pop icon Rihanna, hosts its vibrant carnival known as “Crop Over” during August. Originating from the island’s sugar cane harvesting traditions, Crop Over celebrates the end of the crop season with colorful parades, lively calypso music, and extravagant costumes. The crowning event, Grand Kadooment, sees revelers in elaborate attire dancing through the streets, creating a visual spectacle you won’t soon forget. Carnival festivities begin as early as May, but the official dates are in August.



Aug 5, 2024 – Aug 13, 2024

Grenada, affectionately called the “Spice Isle,” breaks out the party hats for its own carnival fiesta in August. Spicemas is a smorgasbord of riveting events including high-energy calypso face-offs, ear-pleasing steel pan showdowns, and of course, the can’t-miss spectacle of the “Carnival Monday” and “Carnival Tuesday” parades. This Carnival is renowned for its energetic soca music, elaborate costumes, and the vibrant atmosphere that engulfs the island.


Saint Kitts and Nevis

Dec 1, 2023 – Dec 31, 2023 (2024 dates TBD)

When December hits, it’s time to jet-set to the twin-island nation of Saint Kitts and Nevis for a one-of-a-kind carnival celebration called Sugar Mas. Get ready to lose yourself in an enthralling cavalcade of street parades, move your hips to the beat of  soca tunes, be left speechless by the parade of intricate costumes that are essentially wearable art. Sugar Mas isn’t just a festival, it’s an island-wide love letter to their roots and zest for life that continues on through early January.


Each of these island gems spins its own version of the Carnival experience, putting their vibrant cultural roots on full display and offering an open invitation for locals and visitors to join the jubilation and feel a sense of unity. Whether you’re grooving to the infectious sounds of Trinidad and Tobago, or you’re losing yourself in the kaleidescopic extravaganza of Barbados, carnival celebrations across these islands are a fusion of color, music, and culture, serving up undeniable proof of the Caribbean’s vivacious diversity and spirit. 


So what are you waiting for? Book your tickets, pack your dancing shoes and get ready for an unforgettable ride of music and revelry at these Caribbean Carnivals!

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